Guest Blogger Tamara Harrison

We are truly lucky to have the uber talented Tamara Harrison show us how she creates her AMAZING fabric flowers. Tamara lives in West­ern Australia and combines her love of jewelry making, millinery tech­niques, and floristry skills into a stunning wedding business. We fell in love with her flowers when they showed up on our Instagram feed and she graciously agreed to do a guest blog post.

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When people ask me what I do, I usually say, ‘I make pretty things’, this is often met with ‘what do you mean, what kind of pretty things?’, so I show them my website or Instagram feed and get an ‘OOhhhh, OOooooo, Ahhh I seeeee’. I have to admit, I LOVE this response because of the joy and curiosity it brings.

Arriving here at the ‘I make pretty things’ place has been a culmination of being trained in Floristry & Art, owning floral design shops, making hundreds of wedding bouquets, lecturing in the subject, coming in and out of the creative terror zone and combining all those skills with new ones to make amazing things for events and home.

I am inspired by all things around me and I constantly have to ‘get the creativity out’ otherwise I go a bit batty (It’s true!).

My latest ‘pretty thing’ has been to use my french flower making skills to design fabric flowers. I have become quite obsessed with making them and how beautiful they look in Sis Boom fabric.

Here are some stages of construction. Each flower takes several hours to complete.

Images 1 & 2: Cut out your petal shape in 5 or 6 sizes small through to large. I cut approx 8 in each size (I may not use them all in 1 flower).



Images 3 & 4: Paint with a fabric stiffener and allow to dry completely. I use my own special formula but watered down craft glue works really well (as long as it dries clear).


Images 6& 7: Using hot brass flower making tools stretch and shape each petal until it looks three dimensional.



Images 8, 9 & 10: Take a small handful of craft flower stamens and tightly twist a wire through the middle, bending the stamens in half to form a cluster. Sort your petals from smallest to largest. Starting with the smallest petal, take some clear drying craft glue and attach. You can sew your petals on if you prefer.



Images 11, 12 & 13: Keep gluing your petals gradually increasing them in size, Make sure to overlap with the previous petal. If in doubt grab a real rose and have a look at how nature arranges them!


Image 14: Hang completed flower somewhere to dry overnight.

Image 15: Arrange your flower by fluffing up the petals and say WoooHoooo I’ve done it!!


You can then attach a clip, brooch backing or stem depending on how you’d like to use your amazing bloom!



Looking forward to meeting you all!!!!

Please join us!!! Here in Wilton , Ct.

Spreading the LOVE

Just a very special hello during this very special February day!!! We hope your day is full of even more beauty than this striking floral heart that Jennifer hand crafted.

Doesn’t it just make you want to stop and smell the roses?! It is so full of life, energy and love. We Knew it would make you smile.

Write in and let us know how your Valentine’s Day is going! Let’s spread the love! Oh, and yes, That is a Barbara Strawser cluster of paintings in the back! We just can’t help ourselves!

Say LOVE with a colorful Sis Boom Bouquet!!!

This one’s for all of YOU out there!!! What better way to say, “I LOVE YOU”, than with a sweet, colorful bouquet?!

By incorporating all happy colors, this one won’t have to be tucked away with the rest of your pink and red decorations after February 14th. It’s the perfect color palette to welcome spring… and the perfect color palette to put a smile on your face each day you pass by it.

To Make your own:

  • Download the PDF, simply by clicking on the image above
  • Print & Cut out your “flowers”
  • With a hot glue gun, use pipe cleaners, wire from hangers, or any other like object, and secure the back of the paper “flower” to a flattened piece of the pipe cleaner or wire
  • Repeat until you have your desired number of flowers
  • Tie them all up in a beautiful bow with a happy ribbon
  • Use letter stickers, if you have them around, to spell something special out in the ribbon!
  • Viola!