Renewal in the House

Craving renewal in a certain area of your home? Is there a room that’s feeling stagnant and needs a quick, easy change? Something really affordable, fun, and special that we love doing here at Sis Boom is stretching fabric over a large canvas and turning it into a quicky wall piece!

Here we used Poodle, to add a splash of color and geometric fun. (note, scale is not exactly the same as our fabric since this is a digital rendition). How pretty!

Materials: Fabric, Stretched Canvas, Staple Gun, Empty Wall, about 20 minutes.

  1. Pick up a large canvas (online or local craft store)
  2. Cut your desired piece of fabric- measure about 3 inches longer & wider than canvas
  3. Using a staple gun (careful!) stretch the fabric over the canvas and staple it in the back — Tip: This works best if you constantly stretch from opposite corners… in other words, stretch from the top – then staple, then the bottom – then staple, then right- staple, left- staple. Keep going around and stapling until you have a nice tight, even pull.
  4. Tap a nail in the wall
  5. hang up your masterpiece
  6. Viola!

5 Responses to “Renewal in the House”

  1. Melissa P says:

    One of the best ways to showcase a favorite fabric design!

  2. Allie says:

    I’d like to throw everything out and just start over – go completely Sis Boom! I love this project.

  3. Christine Cyr says:

    Renewal for me will be yoga and lots of pretty colors. Just really enjoy this site.

  4. Tootie D. says:

    Sounds great!!! Love all the beautiful Sis Boom colors! Awesome!

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