Back Bay featured in HGTV Magazine!

We’re lovin HGTV mag… and that was even before we spotted our Back Bay hook pillow in there… Now we love HGTV even more!

This design comes in a few different colors and styles, and they’re all equally fabulous and playful. They’re great for all ages, all rooms, and all styles. We can’t help but toot our own horn — we’re very proud of our pillow collections!

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Our Marcella Pillow is HUGE hit!!

So in writing about the Marcella Pillow (featured in the most recent Sis Boom Room), we performed a little Google search… and to our surprise we discovered something really AWESOME!!!!!……. Hold On to your seats!!!…

These pillows are not only hot off the press, but they’re HOT HOT HOT!!!! They’ve been featured in a super rad online Magazine, High Gloss in a segment named “Roll Call: Pillows”… Our Favorite Pillows of the Moment!! But that’s not it, folks… Within the TOP 25 pillows are TWO MORE from Sis Boom!!!! How Fun and exciting and what a special surprise!!!

Below are snapshots of Super Sweet High Gloss Magazine… fun, fun, fun!

Like what you see? Shop Ten 25 Boutique has ALL FOUR colorways of the Marcella Pillow! Go check it out! For a complete list of stores that sell Sis boom Product (pillows, rugs & aprons), check out the list to the left, “Sis Boom Products”. Enjoy!! xo

Renewal in the House

Craving renewal in a certain area of your home? Is there a room that’s feeling stagnant and needs a quick, easy change? Something really affordable, fun, and special that we love doing here at Sis Boom is stretching fabric over a large canvas and turning it into a quicky wall piece!

Here we used Poodle, to add a splash of color and geometric fun. (note, scale is not exactly the same as our fabric since this is a digital rendition). How pretty!

Materials: Fabric, Stretched Canvas, Staple Gun, Empty Wall, about 20 minutes.

  1. Pick up a large canvas (online or local craft store)
  2. Cut your desired piece of fabric- measure about 3 inches longer & wider than canvas
  3. Using a staple gun (careful!) stretch the fabric over the canvas and staple it in the back — Tip: This works best if you constantly stretch from opposite corners… in other words, stretch from the top – then staple, then the bottom – then staple, then right- staple, left- staple. Keep going around and stapling until you have a nice tight, even pull.
  4. Tap a nail in the wall
  5. hang up your masterpiece
  6. Viola!

Sis Boom Sighting…on an island…

Leave it to our lovely, talented Friend and uber inspiration, Kate Spain, to have another Sis Boom sighting. Her other recent sighting was in this beautiful shoppe window… the one she emailed us with today takes the cake in our ” tropical Sis Boom Sightings” department…

Kate spotted our Sis Boom Back Bay pillow… in St. John!!!! How fun is that!! To know that a little piece of Sis Boom is in St. John makes us so happy (and warm!)

Want to see this beaut on your couch? This lovely online store, Modern Chic Home, is where it’s at…

and, no, of course we haven’t forgotten the Queen Street Challenge!! Winner will be announced within the next few hours! George has some reviewing to do!… everyone’s submissions were stunning!

Sis Boom Room… the cozy version

A recipe for Sis Boom coziness… in style!

Curl up in a (4) Lime Green Herman Miller Eames arm chair whilst in some cozy (6) Lucky Brand Sabrina Star slippers. Rest your head on a set of (2) fabulous Sis Boom Pillows… the Back bay Hook pillow, and the beautiful pom-pom pillow, which takes after Sis Boom’s Prelude from Flower Power (you knew it looked familiar, right!?). Hang a romantic, delicate, light source from the center of the room, like the (3) Pagoda Chandelier, and for some added ambiance, strike a match and light a few candles that will rest beautifully in the whimsical (5) Horse in Wonderland Candle holder. Every so often, peak in the adorable (7) Silver Duck Mirror to remind yourself how cute you are! Our favorite part of the room? Design, sew, and drape some lovely curtains with Queen Street‘s Maritza & Dolin. Don’t have time for such a big project? Make some pillows to compliment the others, or design yourself a little something from our Patterns collection! The possibilities are endless! Have fun & get cozy!