It will all work out.

That’s what I’m learning over and over every day I don’t have to worry and the struggle is optional. My husband has a great inner compass when it comes to letting go, he doesn’t get crazy. I need help from friends and support groups to stay in that zen zone..not complaining I seriously don’t know what I’d do without the men and women in my village. I count on my tribe for necessary counsel to come back from the edge but whats wonderful is after years of asking for help and learning to cope in a demanding world I now have my own healthy inner dialog taken from all the wonderful wisdom that’s out there. Today my mantra is “everything is working out for me” it always is! When I don’t keep my focus on me and centering myself through self care then its easy to derail and feel the world is falling apart. Truth is its always falling together but I’m trained to think its all over, its the end, It will never be the same. Why bother? So guess what I’m sitting still and listening to prompts from the universe and going with what feels right. Yup that better feeling thought. Its truly working out for me. Life has never been better. I’m about to go on an adventure, leaving our home in Ct.for Florida. I love our home, it truly is a happy home it’s where we raised our children and we met the most amazing people in this wonderful town. Its where George the family dog licked everyone in sight. Its a special place. We were stewards and we took good care of this amazing place. We leave a legacy of love. The first person who saw it and wanted to purchase our home said they could feel the love….say what? Our job is done here! To my children Matt and Kate we will have new memories on Sunny shores so don’t fear. God is good. I’ll still be designing fabrics but I am so compelled to paint so paint I will. Thank you everyone for loving what we do here.

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