Keeping my word

As you know Circa is truly sweeping the nation and because of that I am holding tight to mine.  I have a photoshoot to do!!  But I thought that because all of you mean the world to me that I would at least offer up half yards of all of Circa for all my pals out there. So here’s the deal. The comments have to be here for us to really know what the heck is going on.  So share with your neighbors we love that about all of you.  Tell us your favorite Sis Boom story if you like but you don’t have too or maybe how you know Jennifer (me) or maybe how you got into sewing.  We love your stories!!  Tell us about your business and what it means to you. Short and sweet , we love getting to know you.  If you know me from facebook / twitter  you’ll know I try to reach out to everyone.  As we are growing I’m still the same girl who launched Sis Boom and know the heart of what goes on here is because of all of you.  It’s a special place with lots of special people and it does take a village.

So leave your message here and you will be entered to win a big stack of 1/2 yard of all Circa’s.  I kid you not.Offer ends June 15th at midnight so everyone gets a chance.


149 Responses to “Keeping my word”

  1. Melissa P says:

    What a wonderfully generous way to kick off Circa! Just like you, Jennifer. I cannot tell you how happy and overjoyed I am to see Sis Boom grow into what it is today. You are such a inspiration! So grateful to have you in my world!!

  2. Andrea says:

    The highlight of my sewing life/career was meeting you in person, Jennifer! You are such a beautiful person, inside and out! I weathered a hurricane to meet you (LOL) but it was well worth it. Thank you for all that you create for us to create with! xo

  3. Autumn Ogletree says:

    So pretty! So Fun! And So girly! LOVE LOVE LOVE! Fell in love with all the pretty Sis Boom fabrics through all the beautiful patterns you and Carla come up with. Can’t wait to see what is next. 🙂

  4. Kellie says:

    Hellooooooo gorgeous! Loving this new range, classic and gorgeous!

  5. Danielle Caldwell says:

    I am a new to sewing. I got started sewing dolls from Hillary Lang (of Wee Wonderfuls) Patterns. I’ve moved on to girls dresses, throw pillows and small quilts. Sis Boom fabric inspires me to think bigger and bolder; I love it!

  6. Christine Duffy-Harlow says:

    Wow! What does JP fabric mean to me? Each of the prints is a work of art. I began sewing to make a quilt for my mom. Sadly she passed shortly after I finished the quilt. The look in her eyes when she received the quilt was so special. There is something about the JP lines that remind me of my mom, so those fabrics are just special to me.

  7. My little handmade doll business means the absolute world to me. It is my creative outlet amongst the stresses of caring for five young children and a husband who is almost never home. It also allows me to create wonderful girly things which are rare in a house full of boys.

  8. This new collection has so many creative possibilities. The last time I had 1/2 yard cuts of a Sis Boom collection it was the Happy Land collection that I used for a girls Twirly Dress featured in the Spring 2013 edition of Stitch magazine.

    Seeing the happy, colorful fabrics on my cutting table inspired me to design a dancing pinwheel quilt called Pinwheel Twist that is in the current, June/July 2013, issue of Quilter’s Newsletter. Designing little girl dresses is something that I love and do often. Designing quilts is something new to me and now I am constantly looking for inspiration. Of course I feel honored that my happy little quilt was chosen for the pages of Quilter’s Newsletter.

    Circa is speaking just as loudly!! I’ll keep you posted.

  9. Indira Luna says:

    Well Ms. Jennifer!
    Where to start!?!
    I was pregnant with my second baby girl, and I got to know the world of handmade soon after that… As I researched designs, fabrics, etc, I came across the beautiful dresses from Girl’s World, and I almost went crazy trying to figure out how to get some fabric from you! (I was super new so I actually thought they weren’t for sale! LOL).

    My sewing quickly got my friends’ attention, and soon after that O&MDesigns was born…
    I cannot tell you how blessed I feel to have the opportunity to be sewing for little girls… I sometimes cannot believe they are wearing my creations, it’s really pretty fab for me!!!

    …and then I found you on Facebook!!! 😀 You are such a nice, down-to-earth person; I appreciate you and all you do so much! I seriously pinch myself that we are friends there!!! (I know you saw that comment yesterday LOL)…

    May God continue to bless and give you the talent/gift to create! I know I have been blessed to get to know you and a piece of your beautiful world! 🙂


  10. Melanie says:

    I love the community spirit here at Sis Boom, and Jennifer you just seem like the loveliest person! I came to know about your fabrics/this blog because of Jazz over at Little Red Child on Facebook. She was always going on and on about Loopy and Jennifer, I had to see for myself what all the fuss was about 😉 glad I did!!

  11. LiLian says:

    I was forced to do sewing at school and barely passed the class! Many moons later, my daughter arrived and a few months ago, when she turned 2, I was determined to make her a dress for her birthday party. And now, I’m officially hooked! I can’t wait for my Circa to arrive (didn’t take long for me to join the fabricholic club!) and someday, I hope to sew something for mmyself! 🙂

  12. Each new line seems to be my all time favorite. I have loved each one since I first saw Girlfriends long ago. I enjoy the new possabilities with each line but the thing I love the most is that the colors always match those older lines. I can pull out scraps of Mod Girls, Basic, or Superfly and they all work together beautifully. I’m your biggest fan. I love all things JP, hugs! Becky

  13. Joan says:

    I started sewing when I was 10. My best friend wanted to know if I wanted to take a sewing class with her. I made a dress and have been sewing ever since. That was 43 years ago this summer. I love your fabric and have a huge collection of it. This summer I am going to be making a signature quilt for my daughter’s wedding in November. It will be out of your fabric.

  14. Lia Nolan says:

    I love Sis Boom the fabric are divine and make me just want to sew all day . I’m about to make some gorgeous overalls with the Dance with me Kimberely in Lime ❤

  15. Ashley Suehiro says:

    I just happen to find my way to your blog when I was looking for a dress pattern for myself. It was love at first sight! I bought the Angie dress pattern, and have gotten lots of complements on it! Then I found your fabric as I searched the site and I have been a fan with every fabric line! I am hoping to score this to make the quilt out of Happy Home for my girls room!

  16. Sharon L says:

    This is going to be my new favorite! I am enjoying teaching my daughter in love sew for her baby that is due next month. I have been trying to build up a stash, and this would certainly help!

  17. Caroline says:

    What’s better than a mother and her young daughter wearing items made from the same fabric? Nothing! Working to carry on the tradition with my daughter that my mum started with me. . .the broad brim hat for momma and a Josie dress for my little one 😉 we would be happy to put that fabric to good use 🙂

  18. Katy says:

    My fabric and sewing addiction began as soon as I found out I was having a baby girl. She is now 9 months old and I have built up quite a stash, with as many JP fabrics that I can find!! I am expecting my Circa any day now, I can’t wait! I love your fabrics and love the way you reach out to your fans. I feel like I know you even though we have never met!

  19. Carolyn says:

    I kept seeing, “I love JP fabric” “I love JP patterns”. Who is JP I wondered? I asked, was answered and immediately fell in love. I have to credit One Red Blossom for having the first Jennifer Paganelli fabric I’ve ever seen. I started sewing a little over a year ago. I quilt and now am enjoying making clothing for myself and daughters. Purchased the Girls World book yesterday, and I am so excited to receive the book and Circa fabric I ordered. Josie for my dtr. and Jamie for me for my daughters graduation. We will look amazing in Sis Boom patterns and Jennifer P’s fabric!

  20. Kathryn Louisignau says:

    Well Jennifer, after just becoming aware of Sis Boom about two weeks ago thru pinterest, I can’t say enough how much I love your fabric designs and patterns. I love how personable you are with your customers, you give that feeling of walking into a favorite boutique for special individual attention. Not only am I in love with your designs, my teen daughter is too. And because of your fabrics and patterns, I am again allowed to sew for her. So I want to say thank you thank you and thank you a million times over and I just can’t wait to see whats next!

  21. Jenny says:

    I have always lovers fabric and made things here and there but just after the birth of my 3 baby (a little girl after 2 boy) my love for fabric started again when I sow a dress made from crasy love joann in pink I had to have it so I went looking and that is how my business started all because of you .. Thank you

  22. Paige willcutt says:

    Bought both your books, several patterns and beginning to hoard your fabric…. I adore all things Sis Boom! I just keep sewing sewing sewing….. Paige

  23. Jessica says:

    OMG you are so generous!! and your fabrics are to die for it would be amazing to win this, thank you for creating a fantastic opportunity!

  24. Courtney says:

    You are always full of surprises, inspiration, and most of all color. Someone was picking up some fabrics for me a while back and asked what it was I liked so much about Jennifer Paganelli fabrics. It’s always been the colors followed closely by the nod to vintage prints. Love it!

  25. Petra says:

    I just LOVE all Sis Boom fabrics (my favorite is Nicole!), which is why I have a couple of Meghan et al. dresses and tops made with Girlfriends, Mod Girls and Bell Bottoms (and one Loopy, but I feel awkward telling that because I fear I will be stalked and robbed), my bedroom is Sis Boom, and even my cat looks so good in Sis Boom that she got a zebra/loopy quilt years back. I love Circa and would love to win some… thanks so much for the raffle! 🙂

  26. Sue says:

    I love the crisp bright prints of your collections. Circa has to be my new favourite. I’ve been sewing for what seems like forever, but discovering the amazing array of beautiful cotton designer fabrics has inspired me to turn my hand to quilting. I have recently started making lap quilts and small patchwork projects as gifts for family and friends. I’m like a kid in a candy store – I want it all!

  27. Sonya says:

    I always wanted to learn to quilt, and about 5 years ago I was fortunate enough to begin learning how from a couple of ladies from church who agreed to teach a class. I love quilting, and there is still much to learn! Jennifer, I LOVE your fabrics! They bring me so much joy! I’m getting ready to start on a tumbler quilt with your gorgeous Honey Child fabrics! Keep up the great work, and thanks so much for this wonderful giveaway 🙂

  28. Terrie Langer says:

    My, oh my, what a great way to welcome Circa!!! I learned to sew with my Aunt Treba. We now live across the country, but still quilt together, long distance. Gave her your book last year, she loves it. Sis Boom is my favorite fabric, love sewing and quilting with it!!!!

  29. Anastasia says:

    Oh my goodness… Where to begin..
    I love your style and fabric so much it makes me want to cry! It makes me so happy. My Hubby and I have two boys and four girls…. Not finding even semi modest clothes for our girls had me wondering if I could maybe make some myself… So with my hubby’s support (he thinks I can do anything) I set out to make a dress. Since then I have made hundreds of dresses and skirts and all kinds of hair accessories. Pajamas and pillows. Tepees and forts. Quilts and blankets, etc. I love to create! Hubby is in the Navy and I get to stay home and play. I was getting frustrated with the same ol same ol fabrics…. Then my sister sent me a picture of something she found and loved, not being a sewer at all she was inspired to get the fabric a sewing machine and make the exact dress… From the Super Fly line. I fell in love with the whole shebang, too! I was so happy just looking at the one picture…. So I searched for more.. I couldn’t get enough…. Little did I know that would open up a whole new door for me. Since then I have scoured all kids of sites trying find more and more…I ordered as much as budget would allow and I have made a few thing so far. LOVE them!!! So happy to have some of my own JP goodies.
    I know this is taking a bit to read but I must tell you I am so inspired again! Thank you for creating such awesomeness!!!
    I just purchased a Girl’s World book and I am such a little kid again! Waiting for it in the mail…. Receiving it… Opening it… Beautiful fabric… Beautiful, beautiful book.. Ribbon tie… Patterns… Beautiful pictures …. Did I mention I am in heaven?!
    I feel like I know you Jennifer Paganelli….. Thank you for such a sweet note and being so personable. You are doing an amazing at making everyone feel like they are a part of your world… I don’t know how to explain it….. All I can say is THANK YOU. Thank you for sharing your talents and abilities!
    You are an inspiration.

  30. jen says:

    oh my goodness so pretty!!!
    I learned of you through CarlaC and the sisboom patterns! I tried sewing for me and hated how everything paper pattern company fit and then I discovered sisboom – and now I am of course hooked! You have gorgeous fabrics! and I LOVE your circa line! gorgeous!

  31. Brittany says:

    I actually haven’t made any sis boom patterns yet but I love, LOVE all sis boom fabric. I make a lot of bags with all Jennifer Paganelli fabric. I especially love it paired with geometric prints. Congrats on your success. Can’t wait to see no have more in the future.

  32. I began sewing as a girl with my grandma as my inspiration. Sewing gives me so much joy and your beautiful fabrics makes it sooo addictive! I think that you are now my inspiration, when I see your fabrics and designs I feel so inspired. Thanks. xx

  33. Cristi says:

    I grew up sewing and hating every minute of it. My mom was the 4-H teacher and so I was enrolled in the class. I used to tease my mother about her stash and call her a hoarder. Now I am worse than she ever was. I do love to sift through her things (when she lets me) and find vintage lace, trims, and trinkets. I have both of my grandmothers old Singer sewing machines and my great grandmother’s treadle. I would say that they are some of the most precious things I own and I love to sew on them. I think your fabric is spectacular. It’s vintage feel and modern vibe make it so fun to create with!

  34. Kendall Millan says:

    I moved into the world of sewing & designing a few years back to explore my creative side! Let’s just say a lot of inspiration has been drawn working with JP fabrics! I can’t wait for my circa to arrive, it looks beautiful on the screen but I bet it is to die for in person. Thank you for running this giveaway…I have my fingers and toes crossed 🙂

  35. Margaret R says:

    I absolutely love Circa – I’m going to find out who is selling it. When West Indies arrived In the quilt shop I used to work in, it disappeared in a flash. My grandmother was a seamstress and my mother made all her own clothes – I just love quilts and collected patterns in my early teens. Keep up the good work – you’re amazing.

  36. Jessica says:

    This is an amazing giveaway! The fabric is gorgeous (as usual). My first introduction was when I won Girls World from a sew along contest. I fell in love with the patterns and the stunning fabrics. I also loved that you signed the book for me too! It felt very warm and personal! I love your work and your generosity, Jennifer!

  37. julie says:

    I just this week discovered your blog and learned all about you and your fabric. It was love at first sight!! I was so thrilled to go to one of my local fabric shops yesterday and see some of your fabric there! I want to jump in and buy it all…. I’ve been shopping for it (and drooling) online. So many beautiful choices. Can’t quite decide which line is my fav!

  38. suzanne smith says:

    When I close my eyes and try to conjure up the most fantastical, blissful, ethereal colors, Jennifer’s colors are what I envision. Just when I think she can’t outdo herself, she relishes us with colors and combinations beyond imagination. Surely, the colors of Heaven.

  39. christy bennett says:

    Circa is so beautiful. I will be designing a guest room with it. So excited for you that it is selling so quickly. You are such an inspiration to me!!

  40. marilyn holley-stupka says:

    Circa is just what I need. My new granddaughter is to have a room that is full of happy colors. This collection will be perfect.
    I learned to sew from my mother, grandmother, and aunties who all were wonderful needle women. They let my cousin and I sew doll clothes as soon as we had enough coordination to pass a needle through fabric. By five we were helping with baby layettes for new cousins and by eight we were making them ourselves. The fabrics we had were pastle flannels–not exactly what we are using today. These are so much more fun!

  41. Jenn Baker says:

    I started my little children’s clothing shop ( back in 2008 and some of the first outfits I made were in Loopy Vintage Floral! Just a couple of weeks ago I stumbled upon my last few scraps in pink, blue and aqua and I’m still floored by how pretty and bright they are! Flower Power remains one of my most favorite collections! I would absolutely love to have some Circa and hope to get my hands on it soon!

  42. says:

    I love this fabric, the colours, the feel of it, I love the patterns and like to use the fabric with what I make, I’m starting to get a little stash of the different ones out there and I can’t wait to get my hands on the new circa which I have ordered.i can’t wait to show you what I make with it, there will be some hobby horses and children’s and ladies wear. Also waiting for your new patterns to be released. xxx Denise

  43. Paige Langley says:

    I was walking through a Barnes and Noble a few years ago and “Girls World) caught my eye. I had never sewn in my life but I was (am) obsessed with the book and happy home now too.
    My story is kind of long but it means a lot to me. My niece that was 2, almost 3, died Christmas Eve at her mom and day’s combined bday party. A swing set fell on her sweet little head and it was a catastrophe. We live in Texas and they are in Alabama so I didn’t feel like I was getting to show them how much I love them or how very much I was about and hurting for them. 18 days after Ann Reese died, her first and only sister, Jane, was born. What a blessing to her family!!
    Anyway, I decided to order a sewing machine and try to sew for the first time. I ordered some sis boom squares and I was so excited!. I cut up several pieces of my kids clothing and some sheets . Also a handkerchief family heirloom. I got to work and I asked little AnnReese to help me make a quilt for her sister and I not only learned to sew but made the quilt pretty quickly. It’s a crazy, funny quilt for Jane so she has something to lay on while she looks up in the sky and talks to her sister. Thank you for your beautiful fabrics because I would have thought of this idea without you. Ann Reese’s mother is an incredible woman that writes a daily sentiment about the loss of her daughter. its incredible!!/RememberingAnnReese?__user=1464472455

  44. Leesa says:

    This is such an exciting giveaway and thankyou for giving us all the opportunity to enter! I am a self taught stay at home mum who has discovered a passion and love for sewing. It was only at the start of this year that I stumbled across your gorgeous fabrics and they have given me so much creativity and inspiration that I now have my own little business 🙂 however if i win this fabric I am wanting to create some keepsake items for my girls to pass on 🙂 Much love and Respect from Australia xxx

  45. Kirsten says:

    Amazing giveaway. Love this collection xxoo

  46. Patricia Gallagher says:

    Hi!!!..the fabrics are so pretty and vibrant!! Maybe if a win I will start to put together a quilt for my bed. I don’t know how to make one, but def. I will learn!! Thank you for this big chance.

  47. Lana says:

    I needn’t say much as your gorgeous designs somehow manage to do all the talking for me!
    Your fabrics have inspired me to follow my dreams since leaving work in January to have baby number 2… and I am contemplating never returning to stay home and sew forever!
    My 2 autographed books with a beautiful personal message from you are often sourced for inspiration.
    Thank you for always taking the time to reach out to your true ‘fans’ and for showing us that you have a great big beautiful heart. It means the world to me to be your Facebook friend all the way across the globe xo
    Much love!

  48. Wendy Jean says:

    6 months ago, wondered what was so special about JP designs. Well just today, I heard my pre-order of Circa was on the way, wondered if I ordered everything so went to my fav website and purchased more just in case. This afternoon, I got a delivery of more JP Dance with Me and So St Croix. Yes, I think I have cottoned on to how special you are and have to shamelessly admit to a bit of a love affair with the designs and the patterns. Shhh! 🙂

  49. Janelle says:

    I have been a Jennifer Paganelli fabric fan for the past 6 years, they are the jewel of my fabric stash. I love creating bags with these gorgeous prints. The Circa range is such a stunner, I can’t wait to get my hands on some.

  50. Sas Hammant says:

    Oh my gosh, how generous can you be Hun… that is such a delicious stack of lovlieness… Sewing is my being and more so since I can no longer work because I look after my disabled hubby… we don’t need nor take sympathy, we still strive to live as normal as possible, there are just minor adjustments to be made every now and then is all. My hubby delights and supports in my sewing. He will offer ideas and even colours. We are closer now than we have ever been, and much closer than we were when we both held full time jobs and believed there was no time to stop and smell the roses… well now we smell the roses and I sew them as well… I wish good luck to all who have entered and thank you for your generousity once again… Cheers Sas.

  51. Bev says:

    Oh, my! When I read the comments above me I tear up from how much everyone LOVES you and I feel the same. I am a fabricaholic and you my friend are my enabler. However, I have never, ever seen another designer so connect with the people who purchase her fabrics or have such an open and generous spirit. Just got my two boxes of Circa and I know that as usual, you hit it out of the park. Have to stare at them a while, I don’t think my heart can cut into them yet 😉

  52. Laurie Guidry says:

    I found Sis Boom one night while searching on the web for patters, and it was love at first sight. I had 3 brothers, no sisters, raised 2sons, no daughters, but when my first grandchild was a beautiful baby girl, back in 2007, I fell in love twice, first with that baby girl, then with sewing. When Girls World came out, I had to have been one of the first on the list to order it. Somehow I received 2 copies instead of the one I purchased. I called you guys to tell you I had gotten the second book by accident and who answers the phone, but Jennifer. What a treat! So personable and down to earth. By the end of the conversation you told me to keep the book and if I was ever in Conn, to please come by. I gave that book to my SIL, who has a 2 grand babies in Greenwich, Conn and another loyal follower was born. Your fabrics are such great quality and I love to sew with them!

  53. Nancy says:

    I’m happy to say I have been sewing since I was in junior high. I used to make a lot of my own clothes. That was back when I had time to do that! After retiring from teaching, a friend asked me if I wanted to take a quilting class. And the rest is history. I have made many quilts but sadly have given them all away as gifts. One of these days I will make one just for me. But in the meantime, I am practicing the fine art of stash building!! What fun. I can’t resist beautiful fabric like these. Oh my. Would I ever love to add them to my stash!

  54. Michelle Smith says:

    Beautiful fabrics–I love them. I would love to make my daughter a dress or skirt with these. I took up sewing again back in 2007–last time was 1191-1 in home ec class in middle school! I really enjoy creating one of a kind items.

  55. Fiona Kelly says:

    My mum noticed my love of fabric when I was just a toddler. I was happiest playing with a big bag of off cuts and my dolls.. and would make all sorts of clothes for the to wear. I couldn’t sew at that age so my finishing was rough and ready lol, holes cut out for heads/arms and everything either wrapped or tied on but my mum could tell that I was fascinated. As I got older I pestered her for a sewing machine & being only about 5yrs she didn’t feel comfortable letting me loose with an electric.. so I got an old hand black and gold singer & I was ecstatic! My dolls clothes creations got a bit more interesting and I expanded into sewing other things too. By the time I got to secondary school I had an electric machine that even did a zig zag & chose to do sewing as one of my exam subjects. Which then led me on to doing a Bachelor of Design degree in Textiles. Over the years I’ve made wedding dresses, dabbled with patchwork, free machine embroidery & lots & lots of clothes. These days my machine does a lot more, I have a serger & I’m a work at home mum of 2, still with a fabric addiction. We moved from the UK to Nova Scotia last may & opened my Tangled Blossoms Design business January this year. I’m making accessories and clothing for babies, children & adults. Making such a variety of items in a gorgeous array of fabrics stop me from getting bored. Fabrics and sewing are my passion.. I’m now 43yrs and sitting at my sewing machine still puts a beaming huge smile on my face all day!

  56. Ellen says:

    I found Sis Boom via Carla’s blog and pattern making. I love all of Carla’s patterns, so when she teamed up with Sis Boom for pattern making I followed along. I love all the fabrics, great colors and quality. I just got added more to my stash and just waiting to have time to make some things for myself. Would love to add even more 🙂

  57. I would love to be able to meet you! I think your must work in overtime because everything you’ve done is fabulous. I was so tickled when you friended me on FB, and you really made a big impression on me when I won a copy of Girl’s World from a blog, but never received it. I wrote to you, and you immediately sent me one wrapped in a yard of fabric. I used that fabric to make my granddaughter a cute little top.
    I’ve been sewing since I was a kid sitting by my mama making doll clothes. Then she taught me how to piece quilt tops, and we sold those to have money to buy fabric and some school clothes for me. I took Home Economics in high school, and I made nearly all of my own clothes for a long time.
    I now enjoy sewing for my little granddaughter, and your fabrics are just the icing on the cake!

  58. Shannon says:

    I started out as a handmade buyer for my kids/grandaughter. I have since fallen in love with all JP fabrics. I have purchased both books and have started sewing with some success and some failure. The encouragement given and the wonderful posts to follow inspire me. Being in Australia I think we miss out a bit sometimes but you have made sure we havent missed out with the new Circa range keeping us posted all the way. Thank You for the inspiration.

  59. Madeline S. says:

    My Mom signed me up for sewing lessons the summer I turned 12. I’ve sewed off and on for years, but in the last 5, I try to sew daily. Sis Boom fabrics are my absolute favorite!!! The colors! The patterns! I can think of so many things I would like to make with Circa. I love tuning into to the blog for inspiration as well. Your books are a favorite of mine, I have both! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  60. lazzarac3 says:

    I’m still working on my sewing skills and love all of the Sis Boom patterns and fabrics. I’m amazed at the stash I’ve accumulated and am anxiously awaiting delivery of the Circa I pre-ordered. I only use my Sis Boom fabric when I’m making something for very special people. I was thrilled to meet Jennifer in December when she opened her home and we could see all the pretties. Oh and to meet Madeline also!!

  61. Faith Villarreal says:

    Jennifer I know you from FB. I don’t *sew* persay but I am creative and have a sewing machine. I’m in love with all your fabrics and I dream of my mad skills going to new heights.
    I love commenting on a things SB! I want to help bring awareness and traffic to your fabric lines. I heart you and love that your so involved and personable.

  62. Carrie L says:

    I love the bright, happy colors of the fabrics. They are timeless. Thank you for bringing smiles to our faces! And thank you for the chance to win!

  63. Barbara Stimpert says:

    Found Sis Boom through your patterns and Carla C, Love the patterns and love the fabric! Such beautiful colors that make me smile. My new purse is all Happyland! I love the new Circa line! Can’t wait to add it to my stash!

  64. Suzanna says:

    I remember a time, years back, wandering through a fabric store & leaving totally uninspired. Not one bolt captivated me. There was a dearth of inspiring fabrics available at the time. I loved to sew but had a hard time finding fabrics I loved. Years have passed. I got back into sewing a couple years ago when I took a reupholstery class, sort of a celebration that my youngest being potty trained and I graduated from the diapering phase!! This class I took reminded me how much I adore & missed sewing. I made a couple of purses & pillows as gifts & was eager to try more. Looking for fabric online to sew bags with, I googled “green fabric with birds” & stumbled upon your gorgeous Matilda print. I ooohed & ahhhed over it, in love with the intricate illustrations. I remember bookmarking the page & going back to it, again and again. From there I was hooked! I found fabrics that inspire me thoroughly. Your fabrics sing. They are vivid & joyful. It’s happiness creating with them. No more fabric blahs for this Sis Boom fan! In fact, when I finish writing this comment, I’m heading downstairs to browse through my growing Sis Boom stash to sew my next bag design.

  65. Maria says:

    I LOVE YOUR FABRICS! They totally inspire me! Thank you so much for sharing your talent and blessing all of us who love your creations! XOXO!!

  66. Carol D. says:

    I love all Jennifer Paganelli fabric! I choose them time and time again. Making quilts with these fabrics is such fun. I make them for my college age daughter and all her friends go wild for the fabric. They all want one! As soon as I get the latest releases I start dreaming of what’s to come. It makes me happy looking at these fabrics! Sewing with them is pure joy!

  67. Jan Richards says:

    My love of fabric started as a small child in Florida. My Grandma made most of my clothes and I loved them and her. She was always doing outfits for my sister and I.
    I love your fabrics and sense of color…you have a true
    gift and we all benefit from this gift. Thanks for all
    you do.

  68. Adele says:

    Who is Jennifer Paganelli ? She is my happy place, She is the little parcels of explosions of heavenly colour that arrive in the post and make me smile. She is those half yards that stare at me from their shelf and dare me to cut them up knowing that I am scared of ruining them. And finally she is that beautiful little dress, top, pants , cushion, bedspread that brings a smile on someone elses face and takes them to their happy place.

  69. Julie L. says:

    I have loved sewing since I was a little girl and my grandma taught me. Nothing beats the thrill of walking through fabric stores and running your hands over all the different textures and colors. But recently, I was in a quilt store and my eight year old daughter wanders over with a pattern for a tree of life quilt. She starts pulling out beautiful batiks. I must say, there is an indescribable joy that comes of seeing her developing the same love and obsession with fabric and creation.

  70. Janie Shepherd says:

    Ive been sewing for 40 years, but with the addition of four new granddaughters (ages 4, 3, 2, and 9 months) that love for sewing has taken on new heights! I have a hunger for fabric and patterns that is not satisfied! More more more! And then I found Sis Bloom and fell deeper into my out of control love for patterns and fabric. My hubby purchased Girls World as part of my mothers day present, at my request. If you don’t own this book you are really missing out on a real feast! It’s beautiful! Now I’m shifting gears to the love of Sis Blooms fabric! Help me Lord, to get more!

  71. Kelly Devitt says:

    New to quilting….but I just love this material,this would make a lovly summer quilt and baby quilt for my 1st grandchild and it is a girl.

  72. Susan says:

    I was just swept into the world of Sis Boom. I won “Happy Home” through a blog and it was sent to my home yesterday. I have read the book, gazed at the beautiful photos and I’m now it search of the fabulous fabric. What a lovely introduction. I’m so happy I found you literally on my front door:)

  73. robin says:

    Hi! What a lovely line of fabrics – just LOVE them. I got into sewing by fond remembrances of my mom sewing some cool stuff for me when I was a kid; like a swim suit, a blue corduroy rabbit blazer, Peanuts overalls, and a cat shirt, to mention a few. Sadly, Mom died when I was 17. When my girls were small, I wanted to make them clothes, so I bought a machine and a Readers Digest Sewing Guide, and began to make very basic dresses. I learned something new with each garment, and the book was a HUGE help. Now I’m learning to quilt, by reading blogs and books. Today, I love to sew!

  74. Aunt Spicy says:

    An open letter to Jennifer,
    Your fabric is bright and joyful and consistently perfect! By Bell Bottoms I was hooked, and have been ever since (I probably have the largest stash of Casey Scroll out there!) Your blog was one of the first I started reading, and when you left a comment on my blog I about died! Thank you for being one of the all-around nicest people out there!
    Best, Aunt Spicy

  75. Linda says:


  76. Michelle says:

    I love this and cannot wait to deck my girls out in it.

  77. The Mrs. says:

    The very first time I realized there were fabric designers and fabric lines was when I stumbled on to your Bell Bottoms line. I fell hard for Casey Scroll. Now I sew and hoard the fabrics of yours I can get my hands on. Although, truth be told, sometimes I have a hard time cutting into them because they are so pretty. How can I improve them by cutting them up and putting them back together? Sometimes I think not.

  78. Your fabric reminds me of vacation with all the bright colors. And I love to be on vacation. Even when I’m not, thinking about it makes me happy. So I guess you make me happy by looking at your wonderful line!

  79. Rosemary says:

    I have had the pleasure of meeting you twice in person. Many years ago at the CL Fair in Il right after Girlfriends was released and then again in Columbus at the CLF here. All your fabric is beautiful and I can”t wait to find a place for Circa in my home.

  80. Kim Moulder says:

    Jennifer, I met you briefly yesterday at the Surtex show —my studio mate and I were ‘walking the show’ for the first time and we are determined to have a booth there next year. I was so drawn to your booth that I returned to oogle several times.

    Love your aesthetic, color and nod to the vintage. My grandmother was a quilter and made many, many dresses for me when I was a child. I believe that some of her artistic genes were passed on to me. I love to sew in addition to design and I’ve made several things recently to showcase my patterns, but my favorite things to make are with fabulous fabric finds (like your’s) and fun patterns that I make my own—like the little turtle toy I made for my son. He asked me to make the head pop inside and disappear — how can you not figure out how to do that for a child’s creative mind!

    So nice meeting you! All the best!! 🙂

  81. Emily says:

    I am DYING to get my hands on some of this gorgeous fabric! So many ideas running through my mind of what I can do with it. Definitely hoping its me you pick!! 😉

  82. Annike says:

    Hi Jennifer,
    I must confess this is the first time I visited your blog. I listened to an old podcast of quilting radio which featured you and I wanted to look you up – little did I know I would LOVE your fabric and style so much!
    The vibrant colors just put a smile on my face. Would love to some circa, I’ve got the cutest little goddaughter to sew for!

  83. Marianne L says:

    I started sewing when a neighbor drew simple shapes on paper and showed me how to follow the lines on her sewing machine – no thread, just needle holes until I mastered the concept. The Circa fabrics are so pretty! I would love to win.

  84. Dana says:

    Jennifer, what a beautiful collection! Thanks for the chance to win the bundle.

  85. I first spied Circa on Hawthorne Threads as a pre-sale so I ordered a couple of 1/2 yards. I just got those in the mail and had to have more. I promptly ordered a fq bundle in blue. I have not done much sewing with floral fabric lately and I am so ready for it. I would love to have more fabric to make a twin size quilt for one of my granddaughters.

  86. Sara C says:

    I love the new fabric! Thanks for the giveaway!

  87. Oh I just saw this post!!! How fun!! Well my SisBoom journey started 5 years ago when the owner of The Snappy Turtle asked me to start using Sis Boom fabrics for my designs at Harveys on First! So off I went and jumped into the beautiful fabric creations of Jennifer Paganelli!! Who knew I would fall in love with her and what she does! One of my very first pictures was with little Madison and her talented mommy Annie! And from there Forty Toes Photography and Miss Stella did amazing photos of my Sis Boom creations!! Jennifer has always cheered me on and it has been an incredible journey!! I remember one of Jennifer’s first comments to me about my goodies, “I am liking everything I see”! Wow, that encouragement really was so touching and everyday I love working and making beautiful clothing for really special children and their families!! xoxo Love you Jennifer!!!

  88. Misty Dupree says:

    Eight years ago this December she did arrive
    Thirteen weeks early, with just a small chance to survive.

    Finding tiny clothing in colors NOT so pastel
    Would prove to be harder than anyone could tell.

    So to the sewing machine I ran as fast as I could
    To whip up some outfits that looked “Oh So Good”.

    To the NICU I went with a skip and a hop
    To dress my baby girl in a new skirt and a top.

    That skirt, top, and hair bow proved to cause a uproar
    I was told by Nurses, Drs. that I had a talent that needed a store

    So my small business was born one cold January night
    To share my love of sewing, and bring much delight

    My love of sewing has kept me alive and sane
    These last seven years as five other babies came

    Because my sewing time is quite limited these days
    I’ve jumped on the wagon of the great “Fabric Craze”

    I happened upon Sis Boom’s Fabric today
    And I hope to carry it in my fabric store one day

    I still enjoy sewing as much as before
    But this tired momma, isn’t getting younger anymore

    As I think about the years coming ahead
    I’m happy to say they’ll forever involve fabric and thread!

  89. Krista P says:

    How thoughtful! I first tried to start sewing about 8 years ago! I quickly gave up. After my third and final daughter was born (a year ago) I had a renewed desire to tackle all things sewing. I’m learning 🙂 !

  90. Patricia Klatt A. says:

    Thank you for the chance to win such lovely fabric! I started sewing many, many years ago. My mother was a beautiful seamstress and she taught each of her three daughters to sew. Sadly, none of us enjoyed it like she did. Several years after her death, I began to make quilts and found that I loved the process. I began “talking” to my mom while I cut and sewed and it was very calming to me. My mother would be very happy that one of her girls started to sew. And she would love your beautiful fabric as much as I do.

  91. For me its not a case of when I started sewing; its been more of a case of when I wasn’t! I can remember spending summer holidays sewing clothes, soft toys etc on and Elna domestic machine and the industrial machines in my Mum’s sail loft. Yes, I also got to sew sails and other marine accessories along with marquee linings and other fripperies.
    I was also the only quilter in the family so ended up teaching myself that out of books. I also tried my hand at surface embroidery but not very well

    16-25 I was too into my motorcycles to stitch but a series of knee problems requiring surgery and then ME/CFS brought me to my knees. I had to find a less physical hobby so out came the needle again. Initially knitting, then needlepoint and onto cross stitch and finally back to quilting. Now I’m at home full time, I fill my days with colour and fabric fun

  92. phyllis says:

    So beautiful!!
    NEED 🙂

  93. Kimberlee Ratzlaff says:

    I have been sewing since I could discovered the pot holder maker when I was a kid. Wonder if anyone remembers those. I gathered a lot of my skills from an Aunt who could eyeball something and make it. From a fitted jacket to a stuffed rabbit. I had left this passion by the wayside and just picked it up a few years ago when I got out my old machine and started sewing again. Since then I have bought a new machine, a new house for a dedicated sewing space and started a small business. What a great way to kick off the summer with Circa and a new quilt idea I have been thinking about. I am without a doubt a fabric whore or so my daughter says. Have a great day and thanks for the opportunity to get some of this fabulous fabric!

  94. Kate E. says:

    I discovered Sis Boom when I was looking for a pattern to make my daughter a dress. I fell in love with the beautiful fabrics you design! And I bought the Marissa dress pattern and made it for my daughter’s Easter dress this year. It turned out beautifully (if I don’t say so myself) and was way easier to do than I had anticipated.

  95. kristian pennington says:

    this is so beautiful and i am getting ready to learn to sew! i would love to have some!!!

  96. Kristy says:

    Thank you! I “think” this is my favorite Sis Boom collection to date…..but then I have said that before! 🙂 Gorgeous! Would love to hide this away for a rainy day.

  97. Cindy Braziel says:

    I just love, love, love your fabric and patterns. Ordered the happy home book a month or so ago and it makes me happy, happy, happy!!! Just wish I could stay home and sew all day but this darn thing called a job gets in the way. Thank so much for sharing Jennifer.
    Cindy B.

  98. Melissa M says:

    I love how you support cottage industry’s, like myself. I pray one day we can meet in person. I cherish the signed books, I purchased from you and the extra care you take with each of us. I love the ease and beauty of your patterns and can’t wait to launch my Sisboom inspired (and supported) line in the near future. 🙂 xoxoxo <3

  99. Garilyn says:

    I learned to sew many years ago, but really got serious about it about 11 years ago. I found Sis Boom through CarlaC! Love your designs!

  100. Tami Smith says:

    Though we’ve never met, you are always that “gal next door” to me. Like the kind of person I’d have coffee with on Fridays. Your talent is beyond amazing and when I can bring myself to cut into your gorgeous fabric I’m a little sad until I create my own little work of art. Your fabrics bring a lot of joy and fuel my passion for sewing. My late momma would be so proud and a LOT amazed that I ever learned to sew, at the ripe old age of 44!

    I do hope to win this cherished lot, but if I don’t I sure hope one of my FB sewing buddies wins. No matter, someone will be blessed and will enjoy creating something gorgeous.

    Thank you again for being so available to us as creators. Thank you also for your inspiration and encouragement.

  101. Leigh Ann F says:

    I fell in love with Sis Boom when I first saw the So St. Croix collection. It fits so well here in South Florida! I didn’t start sewing until just a few years ago right after my daughter was born. I asked for a sewing machine for Christmas – my mom said, “Who are you?”-, read the manual and taught myself everything I know (which I realize is NOT enough!). My favorite sewing story though has to be when I sewed a baby blanket for a friend who was heading to China to pick up her adopted son. She took it to China with her, and it was one of his first gifts. He had a heart defect and the blanket came with him to the hospital. Unfortunately, he did not make it through the surgery, but now his 7 year old sister (also adopted from China) sleeps with it every night to remind her of her brother Daniel. When I get in a sewing “funk”, I think about how this little thing I created has been able to help a little girl during her time of grief.

  102. Becky says:

    I am madly in love with ALL your fabrics. I have an addiction to colorful fabrics! When I was little, I had a coloring book with Daisy Duck and Minnie mouse. I would color their dresses in pink/lime/purple/yellow combos~very Lily Pulitzer/SisBoom like and I had never even heard of them. (MANY years ago LOL) I “knew” I wanted to be an evening gown fashion designer, when I was 13. I drew and colored in designs but after a few years, I realized it would be a very difficult business to get into. Discouraged, I gave up on the idea but have never gotten over it. While I don’t make evening gowns, my passion is making children’s clothing. It has been on hold a few months during our move to a new house but I will be at it again in a month or so! I can’t wait!! I must get some of this fabric (prize or purchase) and make some cute dresses for my business Frilly Princess. Keep up the great designs~you are very talented! Thank you!
    P.S. My mama taught me to sew when I was 12 and gave me a refresher a few years ago 🙂

  103. Debbie says:

    I met Jennifer/Sis Boom in the days of Flower Power. I was determined to get stores in our area at the time to carry her fabrics. She kindly sent me a set of samples and I took them around. My daughter has many Sis Boom outfits, most with a piece of Flower Power in them.

  104. Leah Bragg says:

    So beautiful! Very thaughtful of you!

  105. Stacy says:

    I love your collections! I could only hope to do such beautiful work. But I will leave that to the experts at Sis Boom 🙂

  106. Sara says:

    What a wonderful offer! I sincerely believe you are the most generous person in this industry. So many designers don’t allow home sewers to use their patterns or fabrics to make money. You are so supportive of those of us out here trying to make a living!! Love you for that and it keeps your loyal fans coming back for more. Well, that and the GORGEOUS fabric you constantly design!!! Thanks for being you and leading such a creative and supportive group of sewing buddies 🙂

  107. Amy S. says:

    I had numerous false starts / attempts to sew along the way, but what helped me get going finally was the Girls World Mary’s Fancy Sash Dress class. The video format allowed me to finally understand how to make a dress and I have been hooked since. Thanks for making that happen! I’d love to win this fabric to keep on sewing cute little dresses for my daughter.

  108. Megan says:

    I’m just starting my business. Its really important to me, because I’m learning how to help support my family.

  109. Rachel Hodges says:

    My baby daughter, Zoë and I met you at your 2012 Holiday Show. I’ve long been a fan of your designs, and it was thrilling to get a chance to talk with you. You were so nice, showed me your studio, and even gave me some free fabric. I’d been feeling rather fried from being a stay-at-home mom who never seemed to have time to work on projects, and meeting you was just the boost I needed!

  110. Michelle says:

    I have always had a “thing” for sewing. I am short (very short) so it started with hemming all my clothes as soon as I was old enough to use a machine (I hated hand sewing then and I still hate it now). I used to create hand made gifts for my girlfriends in college and I now make hand made gifts for their kids. I love buying fabric…the colours, the textures and the patterns. I could spend hours touching fabric in a store or browsing online. I love even more the ability to create something out of a pile of (beautiful) fibers. Seeing something I created being worn and the best feeling.

  111. Oh, gosh, what a wonderful thing to do for your admirers. Circa is so beautiful, but I really love all of your fabric. The colors and prints are just so bright and happy. Thank you for creating for us out here that are not even close to you in creativity! Of course, like everyone, I would love some of every piece of Circa.

  112. JAINE CHAPMAN says:

    Hello, too be honest I’ve just come across your blog, and I must say it looks delicious 🙂
    I took up sewing when my kids were babies, they are 26, 22 and 21 now.
    I enjoyed making them clothes, when they were all in bed sound asleep.
    Then when my youngest was 3mths old, I found out I was very sick with a disease called LUPUS, an autoimmune disesae that has distroyed pretty my everyday wellbeing.
    It has taken away all the pleasure and treasures that I loved to do, but most of all I took the love of my job, looking after my babies, beibg bed ridden for days on end, weeks, months years even 🙁
    I was so depressed, I tried to end my life, selfish of me at the time, but the constant pain, fatigue, etc that I endured was so bad, I just didn’t have the strength too carry on at that time.
    I did however soldier on, with help from Dr and loved ones.
    Today 21 yrs, im still battling too save my life everyday, my health has deteriorated alot more, but I wont let it beat me, my kids are the most amazing young adults who I wouldn’t be without, my miracles, my angels.
    I now have the most adorable 4yr old Grandson, who lights up my life, and another angel due in early nov..
    So this is why I wanted too enter, I would love to get back into sewing, start creating lil master pieces for them.
    Although it will take me alot longer too make, I dont care, I need too do something for myself.
    Thank you for allowing me to enter, im so sorry this is so long, your materials are magical, lots a live Jaine

  113. Debbie says:

    Love Circa! this is my very favorite! Can’t wait to work with this beautiful fabric!

  114. Cindy O says:

    I got into sewing when I had a baby girl just over a year ago. I figured everything out from books and the internet. My Grandma gave me her sewing machine since she doesn’t use it anymore. I’ve tried making stuff for myself but so far things aren’t working out the way you want them to look. I’m not great at alterations. Then I tried the Sisboom Meghan Peasant and I must say I am very pleased with it! As with everything it still needed a bit of tweaking but it was manageable. I love that it had 3 cutting lines for different bust sizes. Can’t wait to make the Jamie, Angie and Vanessa! And I do have an addiction to material!

  115. ma del carmen says:

    Que generoso de tu parte esta famtastica oferta, las telas son hermosas, aca en Argentina no tenemos la oportunidad de estas preciosas telas gracias nuevamente

  116. Jenny W H says:

    awesome! enter me please thank you 🙂

  117. Annette Holbrook says:

    When I was a kid, my mom dragged me into and through every fabric store in a 200 mile radius. I always swore I would NEVER sew. I held true to that promise until about 8 years ago when my husband decided that I should have a sewing machine so I could make the household items I insisted on buying for far cheaper. LOL I puttered around a bit and made some curtains, but that was all until about a year ago, when I discovered Jenny from MSQC’s tutorials. I never would have thought I could quilt, but she makes it look SO easy! Since then, I’ve fallen in love with everything about fabric. Your lines tend to be some of my very favorite with all the bright cheery colors, bold prints and classic patterns. When I found out that you’re located in CT, I immediately felt a bond. I lived in Fairfield Co for about 15 years and miss it terribly. (Well, all but the traffic!) Since I’m a new quilter, I don’t have much of a stash and would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to make a quilt with your fabrics!! 🙂 (Arnold Horseshack immitation: “Ooh, oooh, pick me! Pick me!!)

  118. Terrie Langer says:

    Oh, the things I could do with this little bundle!!! In the mood to sew with this lovely fabric!!!

  119. Carolyn Howland says:

    I started sewing as a child, first with the little sewing cards while Mom sewed, then later I sewed buttons from Mom’s button collection. Next I embroidered pillowcases and made doll clothes. Now my passion is quilting and I adore your new line of fabric. I would love to win this wonderful prize.

  120. Denise Proctor says:

    I remember watching my mum sew when I was a little girl, I took it on as a teenager, then sewed when my kids we small, I love to have a go at most things, so are more of a challenge , some end up in the too hard basket, but I always get back to it and have a go. Now I have grand kids I make them things I think they would like. Can’t wait for my fabric to arrive, sadly it’s not coming until July . So far I have used a lot of the JP fabrics and love them all, the softness and colours inspires me to sew.

  121. Julie says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your stuff.. Your designs are inspiring and make my love of sewing so rewarding. I also love to see other makers who embrace your fabrics and make them special. Keep up your amazingly gorgeous work.. You ROCK 🙂

  122. Sara says:

    I was definitely a late bloomer to sewing. I am the youngest of
    16 so by the time I came along there wasn’t much time for anyone to
    Teach me anything. I started at 21 and have never looked back! Quilting
    Is my passion! I have used your fabric in so many
    Of my quilts for my daughter! She would love a quilt with your new Circa!

  123. Allison P says:

    The whole Circa line is gorgeous! I love that my kids are small and I can do so much with just a half yard of fabric! Would love to win.

  124. Margaret Mead says:

    I think this is a wonderful opportunity to win some absolutely gorgeous fabric! My story: When my mother’s grandmother was quite elderly she told her daughter-in-law,(my grandmother) to go to the trunk at the foot of the bed and get the two Bibles that were in there and give them to her daughters. When my grandmother opened the trunk there were no Bibles but two quilt tops inside. My great grandmother might have been a little confused in her later years, but those quilt tops were as special to her as her Bible. My Mom passed hers on to me. That is why I started quilting 20 years ago. I wanted to finish the top. It still is a top and may remain that way on purpose. Just like she left it. It is a grandmother’s flower garden and was made with everyone’s clothes. I love it!

  125. Robin says:

    Thank you!! I would love to make a patchwork summer skirt with this beautiful fabric!

  126. Julie says:

    As I look at your picture of the beautiful Circa fabric, I get this warm, relaxing feeling like a lazy summer day free of stress and chores. So beautiful and I’m sure it is very soft as well.

  127. Sonja Rea says:

    Love your fabrics! I began sewing for my little girls a few years ago and noticed a trend in what prints I was choosing for my projects…Sis Boom, of course. That’s when I decided to look for you online and I’ve been following you ever since. My girls and I love your books. You are an inspiration to the sewing and crafting that goes on at our house! We’d love some Circa to makeover the girls’ rooms!

  128. sue says:

    Count me in too please! thanks! Just delightful. My earliest memory of making things was when i was 4 years old. I cut 2 pieces of foam from my bed mattress for soles for my feet as they were cold and the bottom of the curtain i cut a strip and wrapped it around my foot. I got into so much trouble that day, but I then knew i loved to make stuff. Now I am in my 50s and love to make for charity.

  129. Farheen says:

    Hi I absolutely love all your fabrics and the Circa line is just gorgeous. Thank you for the opportunity, my 2.5 year old will love an outfit or 2 made from one of these.

  130. maria says:

    My sister introduced me to your fabrics by giving me a charm set. I love the modern colour combinations and enjoy incorporating them into quilts.

  131. Brenda Rakowski says:

    Love, love, love all your fabrics. They are so bright and fun. Started sewing when I was about 13. Both my parents sewed, so I guess it was just going to be a fact that my sister and I did to. Thanks for all the beautiful fabrics you create!

  132. Laura Reid says:

    I am crazy about your fabrics! I hope I can find it. I have 3 darling grand girls I can sew for….. I hope I win circa!

  133. Nicole B says:

    Absolutely beautiful! And such a wonderful giveaway! My daughter’s room and closet need some circa touchups!!!

  134. Heather Spencer says:

    Oh how I would love to win this giveaway! I have five sons and one daughter, yes one sweet baby girl. I love sewing and creating for her but with six kiddos on an army salary it’s tough to buy much nice fabric. I would be elated to win!!! Pick me!!

  135. would love to win! xoxo

  136. Shannon S says:

    Oh my word, so generous! I adore SisBoom fabrics. I am a quilter who ventured out into the world of sewing dresses for my two girls, and love to use SisBoom fabric for them. My favorite skirts are also made with SisBoom fabric. Circa might be my favorite line yet…. ;o)

  137. Dana says:

    My first successful dress from a pattern was made using one of your patterns and your fabric!
    Thanks for your great patterns and beautiful fabrics.
    I can’t wait to sew more things for my daughter and maybe even for myself!

  138. Jenny Fish says:

    Well I should get on the internet more often! You are so generous! Will post this on my page!

  139. DenevaBerberich says:

    Decided I HAD to know/find more of these absolutely gorgeous fabrics that I love to use and just happened to see this amazing giveaway. Every fabric I “have to have” has been one of yours. Congratulations on another beautiful line!

  140. Rebecca says:

    I think it was your fabrics that inspired me to sew skirts and dresses for my girls – my favorite kind of sewing now 🙂

  141. Marianne L says:

    Circa is such a beautiful collection, which is par for the course for Sis Boom. What a great giveaway!

  142. Paola says:

    Sewing is so much more than fabric and thread coming together! It’s feelings, memories and all of your creativity pouring into that one thing that may not be exactly what you had in mind, but that it’s you at 100%. Thanks for sharing!

  143. ruth says:

    What a fabulous collection, your wonderful bright rich patterned colour pallet never ceases to inspire me!

  144. Pamela Thomas says:

    I love everything Jennifer Paganelli designs!!!

  145. Suzanna says:

    W O W ! ! !
    Well, I am crazy about your fabric, Jennifer. It’s joyful. Full of light and play. And, totally inspiring to me. What do I love about my little purse business?! Well, it’s hard to even describe what it means to me: breathing life into tucked away creative dreams that I would otherwise only keep in my heart, the meeting of many memories, experiences and widening interests, personal growth in ways I hadn’t expected…a place of joy and unexpected fulfillment.

  146. April says:

    What can I say about Sis Boom other than it makes me so happy! My husband took one of our largest closets to design a shelving unit to hold all my fabrics. Well, I have three shelves full of Jennifer’s collections ranging from Pretty Please to Circa. It is so difficult to even use it because I stand, stare, and admire all of it in its glory. I love how you design floral with the modern. Thank you for all your hard work!

  147. Melissa M says:

    I have loved your fabrics, books, blog and everything for so long! My copy of Girls World generally lives on my nightstand; I believe it assures pleasant dreams 🙂

  148. Mandy says:

    I am a new sewer and your fabric absolutely inspires me! I love the patterns and colors!

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