Keeping my word

As you know Circa is truly sweeping the nation and because of that I am holding tight to mine.  I have a photoshoot to do!!  But I thought that because all of you mean the world to me that I would at least offer up half yards of all of Circa for all my pals out there. So here’s the deal. The comments have to be here for us to really know what the heck is going on.  So share with your neighbors we love that about all of you.  Tell us your favorite Sis Boom story if you like but you don’t have too or maybe how you know Jennifer (me) or maybe how you got into sewing.  We love your stories!!  Tell us about your business and what it means to you. Short and sweet , we love getting to know you.  If you know me from facebook / twitter  you’ll know I try to reach out to everyone.  As we are growing I’m still the same girl who launched Sis Boom and know the heart of what goes on here is because of all of you.  It’s a special place with lots of special people and it does take a village.

So leave your message here and you will be entered to win a big stack of 1/2 yard of all Circa’s.  I kid you not.Offer ends June 15th at midnight so everyone gets a chance.


Modern Maxi

We love our Betty Ann pattern named for a beloved mentor of mine.  This Maxi looks so terrific on Jeanne Hamling, one of our long time testers daughters.  Look at the shoes my friends , that’s what caught my eye!!!  I love her confidence and pride in wearing one of mom’s creations!!!  All of Jeanne’s kids are beautiful and I had the pleasure of meeting this one Miss Lily out in Utah!!  Folks I’m sorry I won’t be at quilt market but I will be thinking of all of you!!!  This pattern can be found under patterns on this site as well as many other pattern platforms! This fabric is part of our Crazy Love collection and can be found here.  Thank you Glam Fabrics on Etsy..  In Australia we found some here.  Thank you Fabric Traders AU

So there you have it , a pretty girl in a pretty handmade dress and coordinated shoes..We love you Lily!!



We are so grateful to Carla Crim for our amazing PDF patterns. Every Day, and I mean Every Day, you all are singing the praises of Sis Boom patterns and we feel truly blessed to have the Scientific Seamstress tried and true pattern designer for the Sis Boom Pattern Co.

She gives it her all and simplify’s  the process and anticipates your questions before the pattern debuts. Our faithful testers give her feedback and talk each stage through. They also add to the magic of Sis Boom Patterns.

I can tell that you are all happy because we get so few questions It’s kind of like the Maytag repairman there is nothing to fix!!

Kudos to Carla and her amazing team of testers.  We appreciate you all so much.

So here it is the most popular pattern for it’s ease of  creating and of versatility.  It’s the Molly Peasant!  Named after my sweet sis and that’s Sophie my niece when she was a little one. You probably know her from our book Girls World.


The Vanessa and the Betty Ann

Rave reviews coming in and nothing excites us more.  Look at this little one in the Bettyann a great vacation dress to have at the ready!! 


Tim Geaney

Whenever Tim comes in the house I feel so special.  He’s a busy man, hugely in demand, and always so gracious.  His wife is ever so busy as well with the demands of Vagabond’s Daughter. Nancy always gives 100% to me.  She is make up and good cheer and adds such good humor to the day.  Madeline (read about her here and her amazing services) this was her first photo shoot on her own.  I was blown away… and of course the models and especially their mothers who trust us!!! Big responsibility.  Stage moms don’t have it easy and Nicole Morris takes it all in stride.  The children our hers. Then we brought in Laine Parsons who just yesterday was the little one trailing her older brother and sister, and look how she has blossomed. That’s the beauty in the long dark hair. I am so blessed with well-mannered, good looking children in my neighborhood!!!  The best is that we have fun on set!!  Tim, even as the sun sets at 4:00 and it’s dark outside, still rolls with it, even as we know natural light is always preferred. I really love this amazing team.  Happy Holidays to all.

Here is Madeline in this beautiful photo.

Don’t miss our Holiday show! 9-5 coming in two weeks..I should start making stuff. 🙂


Holiday Dress

We introduced the Betty Ann later in the game to get a jump on spring but look what Jenny did for her daughter Kelsey.

She made a Leighanna peasant and used it beautifully under the Betty Ann.  This is sensational for the cooler months.  Jenny you’ll have to tell us that sweet fabric on the blouse. Lovely.  We will never ever get enough of Jenny’s wonderful work!

Look at some of her amazing work using our patterns and even one she designed herself.  Jenny at Sew Pretty Dresses you make my world go round.!





OK so this is the fabric of the week!!  Must be!!  Check out our lovely Monique!!  do you believe how she rocks the Rebecca!!  The two of these girls I tell you make me look so darn good like I actually know what I’m doing.  So Carla technical writer extraordinaire says lets put these on sale on Black Friday and get the buzz going. PDF’s are here to stay so try them at our new reduced price..PLEASE!! So go crazy will you?? Coupon code BFSIS12 $8.00 and yes Bettyann and Vanessa are there!!! Oh and you’ve never made a dress??? only quilts??? We say these are Quilter Friendly so give them a try.  share your concerns with us we are standing by!! Get on our mailing list to hear all the wonderful things going on at Sis Boom.


That’s right Laminate is sweeping the nation!!  Folks be loving this new product and love the way it sews.  I asked  Melissa P of 100 Billion Stars to show folks what to do with Laminate and she went long!!!!!  As in garment Bag!!  She didn’t stop there she’s even offering this cool design for free!!!  This is one talented lady!!!  We all know that Laminate can be a bit pricey bit remember it’s 54″ wide and that’s quite a bit of goods to do several projects. Melissa also told me to make Laminate last longer line with less expensive fabric.  We are the cheat club!!!  Keeping costs down is our mission when we are in business!!  Thanks Melissa.  I love your surprises!!  This is so uber cool and I am enormously grateful for your amazing ideas.  A book is in this girls future!! I want a signed copy!!!  Ask her questions about using Laminate.  She is a pro and has great ideas for you!!  Painters tape..she’s got the 411!




It’s a big day!

It’s the official launch of Bettyann and Vanessa.  I just have to say I love all the photos on facebook!!  OMG please follow us on facebook it’s like a big Par-tay up in there.  Our friend Alyson Ray of Thread in Tuscumbia, Alabama gets to launch these in her brick and mortar!! Yes we said PDF patterns in brick and mortar !!  Alyson has been testing our new coupon system in her store and is teaching folks the basics of printing and sewing with PDF’s!!  She can sell you a coupon to enable you to download a pattern and have it accessible to you when you get home and are ready to print.  Alyson thank you for being the wonderful passionate woman you are, we are so crazy about you!! She will have it before Thanksgiving and we will launch on Black Friday!!!! Call Alyson her phone is here.

Also make sure you read Christine from Creations For Eleanor review of the Betty ann.  She writes the most amazing reviews and we are so grateful to her.







Easier Quilting !!

Melissa P. teamed up with Sizzix to bring you this beautiful quilt.  Have you heard of the Big Shot??  Makes cutting so much easier and painless!!  Look at this forever beauty!!!  Melissa that is such a playful pattern and love it with the white!!!  You go girl.  These cutting devices make our world so much easier.  Here she is with West Indies fabrics with her latest quilt !! Found here! and here!!