Sis Boom Bah

I say this when I refer to Kathy Hennessy because she is everyone’s cheerleader and runs an incredible group on facebook for like minded sewing gals/guys.  What a forum it is and I love to see the relationships and kinship’s that develop out of such a place.  She has ground rules and insists that others play fair and she encourages everyone in their passions and pursuits. Her blog the same name as the Facebook page she runs is called Handmade Dress Haven.  This is where it gets exciting. Here she does a tutorial on the Crazy Love Dress she created. I love the bib front on this special frock.  Follow the tutorial here.

As always thanks Kathy for letting me peek in to your sewing world and sharing the joys!! Love your 6 year old.



5 Responses to “Sis Boom Bah”

  1. Kathy says:

    I am beyond thrilled! Thank you!

  2. Jenny Fish says:

    Just love Kathy Hennessy! I have watched this little girl grow up on her blog. Such a cutie, I have always wanted to goosh those cheeks! To cute! Gorgeous dress she made using Tie Dye Diva’s new pattern. Love! Love! Love!

  3. Such amazing work and a great artistic eye!!!

  4. Crystal Baker-Hanson says:

    Yay Kathy!!! This is one of my favorite dresses ever!! Love it! Well deserved recognition for such a sweet lady. 🙂

  5. shelly says:

    Kathy that dress is super cute! love how you used sis boom fabric! and yay fir Sis Boom for featuring Kathy and all the other love you give to your fabric groupies on your Facebook page!!!”!

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