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I say this when I refer to Kathy Hennessy because she is everyone’s cheerleader and runs an incredible group on facebook for like minded sewing gals/guys.  What a forum it is and I love to see the relationships and kinship’s that develop out of such a place.  She has ground rules and insists that others play fair and she encourages everyone in their passions and pursuits. Her blog the same name as the Facebook page she runs is called Handmade Dress Haven.  This is where it gets exciting. Here she does a tutorial on the Crazy Love Dress she created. I love the bib front on this special frock.  Follow the tutorial here.

As always thanks Kathy for letting me peek in to your sewing world and sharing the joys!! Love your 6 year old.



Online sewing class with Jennifer! Comes with signed Girl’s World! Register today!

Ok– so here’s the deal.. this is VERY cool.. We announced this awesome Jennifer Paganelli Sewing Class via Rick Rack both on our blog and in an email blast, but here are some more in depth details for all of you wonderful people out there!!

This is a really awesome concept because anyone, anywhere can access this class.. all you need is that handy dandy computer of yours to download the class!!! The price is great and it includes a whole bunch of awesome stuff, not to mention– a signed copy of Girl’s World!!… PLUS you get to keep the class because you’re downloading it to your computer.. this means you can rewind, fast forward, replay, pause.. yep- it’s that cool!. Keep reading after the photo to get step-by-step details…

So here’s a step-by-step process that we’re going to walk you through.. we had never seen a fabulous offer like this so we want to make sure you all understand how it works.. Please send any questions to Madeline.

1.      Register for Rick Rack’s “Mary’s Fancy Sash Dress” Online Sewing Class ft. Jennifer Paganelli by clicking HERE – sign-up by April 30 in order to receive your book by the class start date of May 15.  Books shipped after April 30 cannot be guaranteed to arrive by the class start date – May 15.  Rick Rack’s “Mary’s Fancy Sash Dress” Online Sewing Class ft. Jennifer Paganelli consists of: (a) an autographed copy of the book, Girl’s World: Twenty-One Sewing Projects to Make for Little Girls; (b) a downloadable “Mary’s Fancy Sash Dress” how to sew video demonstration; (c) a downloadable project instruction sheet w/step-by-step color photos (PDF); (d) a supply list; (e) access to the student-only Jennifer Paganelli/Girl’s World Online Class Store where class supplies (and more) will be available for purchase at 25% off’s already low prices; and (f) a 1-hour live chat with Jennifer Paganelli (Dolin O’Shea will join in to answer any sewing questions concerning the class project ). Registration is open now through May 12, 2011 only at

2.      Within 48 hours of payment confirmation, students will receive an email containing a link to the secured class website and a username and password.  They can access the class website immediately after receiving this email. Inside the secured class website, they will find their downloadable class supply list (PDF) and a link to the Paganelli Girl’s World Online Class store along with a coupon code they are to use to purchase their items.

3.      On May 15, 2011, students will receive an email notifying them that the how to sew “Mary’s Fancy Sash Dress” video demonstration and the project instruction sheet with step-by-step color photographs (PDF) are available for them to watch and download on the secured class website.  They will be able to download the video to their computers for their personal/non-commercial use. The video will be available for download in WMV and Quicktime formats.  They will also receive notice of the date of the 1-hour live chat along with information on how they can participate.

4.      Students will have until midnight (PST) on May 30, 2011 to download all of their class materials (e.g., supply list, how-to video, resource page, project instruction sheet), and shop in the class store.  Access to the secured class website will be denied after midnight (PST), May 30. (The coupon code also expires on May 30, 2011).  Reasonable deadline extensions are available upon request.

5.      Rick Rack’s “Mary’s Fancy Sash Dress” Online Sewing Class ft. Jennifer Paganelli is sponsored by: Janome, Chronicle Books,, Free Spirit Fabrics, Creative Options, and

About Rick Rack: Thread Therapy for Sewers

Rick Rack: Thread Therapy for Sewers offers simple sewing tips and projects for busy women who love to sew.  Their monthly affordable online sewing video tutorials are available exclusively on

“Rick Rack: Thread Therapy for Sewers’ classes feature high quality videos and materials, which are all downloadable.  So, students can complete the class on their own schedule.  Plus, it doesn’t matter if you’re a novice or an advanced sewer; our instructors are extremely knowledgeable and capable of presenting information in a user-friendly manner.  So, by the end of the class, you will know how to complete the project.” – Judith Norman, Creator/Producer, Rick Rack