Aussie Land!!

We love our Aussies !!  What a line up of talented and creative folks eager to share their Sis boom wares with the world.  You guys rock our world.  You know Sis Boom is crazy about anywhere it ends up but we just continually are amazed at how the Aussies can’t get enough.  We are so grateful to you.  I’m thinking My first shop should be in Australia!!.  So now we are adding another creative to the Aussie line up.  Tink handmade just loves the colors of Happy Land!! What a vibrant soul she is I didn’t catch her name but I think you can call her Tink. From what I can tell she does everything from her facebook page and it is hoppin!!  Thanks Tink for Making my day and loving our nice to meet you!! Fabric found on Etsy.  Bundle found on Etsy 1/2 yard cuts!


5 Responses to “Aussie Land!!”

  1. Tina Darcy says:

    Thanks so much. My name is Tina but everyone calls me Tink 🙂 I love JP and I love sewing. A match made in heaven. Pop over to see more TINKs loaded daily. Much love from Sydney, Aus. Xxxxx

  2. Hi tink! Love what you do!!

  3. Melisa says:

    Yay Tina! Yes us Aussies love a bit of JP fabrics 🙂

  4. I <3 JP, Happyland and Tink! <3

  5. Katie liddle says:

    Yah we love tink down herein the land downunder!!! And we love JP x

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