So glad you come by!!

We always want to keep our readers engaged and there is always plenty going on behind the scenes here so always plenty to share . I’m just sharing our newest fabrics Caravelle Arcade that will be shipping to stores in May 2015.  I know how much you love to see what’s coming but please don’t forget Good Company the fabric line that’s changing things around the hemisphere one degree at a time. I love seeing all your things and just thought I’d share our Carolina Maeand Gabriella Fae patterns done up.  We are breathless with their beauty!!!  So take it all in..Need a beach hat ..Grab a copy copy of Happy Home and make a few before summer comes!








elegant you’ll be glad you did!!


Jenny Fish can not be stopped!! She is full on Good Company and doing beautiful things with it.  We are particularly loving this dress pattern from  Melissa Stremal for Lilac Lane.  We are in love with look!! Her new pattern is TDF!!!  As soon as I have a link to purchase I will let you know. I believe it’s in testing..xoxoxo Jenny the trim, the look , your daughter..talking precious!! Great work Melissa Ann…we love you!!


back treat melissa-dress

The Boy

Here it comes the best shirt pattern for boys ever just two weeks away!  We named the pattern  Ethan after this guy in the photo here.  Ethan is the son of Jenny from Sew Pretty Dresses who you all know so well!  You may recall Ethan’s sister, Kelsey is one of our all time favorite models and she loves everything Sis Boom. Here she is supporting her brother’s debut. We love Jenny and the love she brings to everything she does what can I say it just shows.  So the Ethan will be also available for men as the Marco and I know that you are all waiting for that as well.  Oh and this fabric from West Indies is perfect for these shirts it’s called  Luca and can be found at Cotton Blossom Farm , Ebay, Etsy, and Hawthorne Threads.


Aussie Land!!

We love our Aussies !!  What a line up of talented and creative folks eager to share their Sis boom wares with the world.  You guys rock our world.  You know Sis Boom is crazy about anywhere it ends up but we just continually are amazed at how the Aussies can’t get enough.  We are so grateful to you.  I’m thinking My first shop should be in Australia!!.  So now we are adding another creative to the Aussie line up.  Tink handmade just loves the colors of Happy Land!! What a vibrant soul she is I didn’t catch her name but I think you can call her Tink. From what I can tell she does everything from her facebook page and it is hoppin!!  Thanks Tink for Making my day and loving our nice to meet you!! Fabric found on Etsy.  Bundle found on Etsy 1/2 yard cuts!


Zulily today!!!

Chatti Patti has deep discounts on some of it’s fab children’s wear.  Just go into Zulily and Search Chatti Patti if you are a member if not you will have to register.  Tons of amazing goodies and at great prices.  See Chatti Patti here for their website which is under development.  Zullily is amazing!