Tim Geaney

Whenever Tim comes in the house I feel so special.  He’s a busy man, hugely in demand, and always so gracious.  His wife is ever so busy as well with the demands of Vagabond’s Daughter. Nancy always gives 100% to me.  She is make up and good cheer and adds such good humor to the day.  Madeline (read about her here and her amazing services) this was her first photo shoot on her own.  I was blown away… and of course the models and especially their mothers who trust us!!! Big responsibility.  Stage moms don’t have it easy and Nicole Morris takes it all in stride.  The children our hers. Then we brought in Laine Parsons who just yesterday was the little one trailing her older brother and sister, and look how she has blossomed. That’s the beauty in the long dark hair. I am so blessed with well-mannered, good looking children in my neighborhood!!!  The best is that we have fun on set!!  Tim, even as the sun sets at 4:00 and it’s dark outside, still rolls with it, even as we know natural light is always preferred. I really love this amazing team.  Happy Holidays to all.

Here is Madeline in this beautiful photo.

Don’t miss our Holiday show! 9-5 coming in two weeks..I should start making stuff. 🙂


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  1. Tim Geaney is a rock star and so are YOU!!

  2. AWEEE JEN!!! YOU rocked it!! Nothing could be done without your magic… We’d have nothing to style, wear & photograph! So lucky to have such a SPECIAL team xoxox

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