This is the Girl!!!

I love all ages but love this tween age so much!!!!  They are just beginning to know what they like and this lovely girl seems to like the chunky Zebra.  I love the hair the glasses I love who she is and where she’s going. I embrace all girls but this is the sweet vulnerable age that steals my heart.  Thanks Georgia Handy for capturing that wonderful sweet girl!! I love her artsy look!!  I love Dresses over jeans!!!!! The colors fugeddaboudit!!!  The green time worn door against all the pink and that Barbie bag!!  I must have one!!  Let’s make some noise for Judy Buchanan’s  vision captured by the talented photographer Georgia  Handy!! Well done ladies!!

3 Responses to “This is the Girl!!!”

  1. Thank you Jennifer for sharing this image with your readers. I love this image too! Judy at Hickity Pickity does amazing things with Sis Boom fabrics. I am blessed to have two very creative ladies in my life who inspire me everyday! Thanks gals!

  2. Jenny Fish says:

    Such a beautiful girl! I love her hair and specs AND the dress! Judy and Georgia make a great team!

  3. hickitypickity says:

    So Thankful for Georgia, always a sweet heart and always amazing pics, And so thankful for SisBoom, everything a girl could want!

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