We had a magical photoshoot with Tim Geaney our favorite photographer in the whole wide world.  His photos are just soulful and touching.  We can’t believe our good fortune when we get to have fun with him in the jungle or in his studio.  We love a collaboration and we love trying new things, it’s how we grow into ourselves.  I hope these photos engage you and encourage you to be expressive and enjoy the process!!

Check out all the inspiration!!


We love the the Marco Pattern on women..great for summer!!!!




We Love a Flying Girl!

A favorite personality of the Quilting World is Melissa Stramel , She is simply put..Lovely. She has no idea that I am a big admirer of her work and love for life.  She is one of the loveliest folks I have found and she is going after her dreams which is always a positive message to carry to others. The Beloved pattern is hugely popular but because her daughter requested a ball gown she made some changes and added a couple of things and voila, she has reinvented the pattern for her daughters whimsy and now so can you! Purchase the pattern here.  We love her use of Happy Land found at Hancock’s of Paducah.   Just a reminder Happy Land is moving fast to make room for Circa so don’t delay your decision. Getting harder to find. Melissa thanks for delighting the world with frills and fancy!!!!

Do not miss the raffle June 15th.


This is the Girl!!!

I love all ages but love this tween age so much!!!!  They are just beginning to know what they like and this lovely girl seems to like the chunky Zebra.  I love the hair the glasses I love who she is and where she’s going. I embrace all girls but this is the sweet vulnerable age that steals my heart.  Thanks Georgia Handy for capturing that wonderful sweet girl!! I love her artsy look!!  I love Dresses over jeans!!!!! The colors fugeddaboudit!!!  The green time worn door against all the pink and that Barbie bag!!  I must have one!!  Let’s make some noise for Judy Buchanan’s  vision captured by the talented photographer Georgia  Handy!! Well done ladies!!

Call a Tow Truck

Sis boom is always Happy to help with your questions, your searches, your ambitions!!!  We love to help launch you if you are using Sis Boom Fabrics.  Thanks for coming to the sale and being part of the Sis Boom community, we are so thrilled you came.  If you walked, drove, or came long distances we are so glad you made the trek.  Sis Boom loves a road trip!! The Rolls Royce came just in time for mom to turn on the engine and for all the pretty girls to push!!!  Mom loves a photo shoot and boy you can tell we enjoy the story line on this one.  Please leave your well wishes for my 80 year old mom who keeps the party Jumpin. Thanks Tim, Nancy and Madeline for making it the most memorable shoot in Sis Boom History!!! It’s all good in this hood!! Chandler fabric on mom found here!  Thanks Megan of Crafty Shack!! Photos Tim Geaney.

In the Texas sun!!

So the kids went to their grandparents and the whir of the sewing machine never stopped til they arrived home three days later.  Jenny has so much accomplished and she is revealing them here exclusively for Access Sis Boom!!  Could she be any prettier??  Now forget everything I said and match the lipstick!!!! The Shana Tunic with wonderful bell sleeve is just so stinkin cute as Carla would say!!!!  And the next time I saw the flickr group her daughter Kelsey was in it!!!  Check out her wonderful West Indies outfit. Jenny you are an amazing designer!!

Agnes Tunic is great for the Holidays!!!!

Once again Tights and Boots take this quilting fabric to the outdoors!!!!  It’s inside Girls World which includes the pattern to create this Lovely dress!!! Three more ship days til

Christmas so please buy it for yourself or a loved one today to get it on time. Purchase here.

The Leighanna

Not much longer to wait!!!! Jenny has one for us to see!! Love her little girl!!  This is our latest pattern for girls from the infamous Carla Crim!!!  The Leighanna is sure to be a big big hit.

Are you sitting down??

Wanted to give you a quick reveal of The Shana  Bell Sleeve Tunic for your Fall plans and designs!!!  It already exists all you have to do is download..Opaque tights nice knee high black boots and you are a throwback to the seventies.  Then with a sweet headband from Girls World Vibe how can you miss?  I love this longer sleeve too.  Remember long or short a dress or over pants.  You are going to be stunning.  Say hello to daughter Kate, she did me a solid and stepped in for a photo shoot with Tim Geaney!! Thanks Kate.  Download yours tonight and find the fabric here at Marie Madeline they’ve got 22 yards in stock!! Love this hipster look!!