Big Shout Out

We are so excited for Judy Buchanan’s debut in Sew Beautiful!!  It‘s a big Deal.  It never gets old.  Everytime we make it into a magazine we are overjoyed!!  So we know first hand how it feels and Judy for you this is just the beginning.  All of you know Judy Buchannon from Hickity Pickity.  She makes almost everything you can imagine.  Her things are all at Harvey’s on First in Del Ray, it has become a popular hot spot for all things colorful and beachy.  Contact her on Etsy, she’ll make it for you!!  She does all of our patterns in the fabric of your choice.  She is the very best. Her beautiful daughter Kate is also a fellow artist and models the Rebecca for mama in our Chunky zebra.  Judy , remember and that goes for everyone reading this..YOU ARE A BIG DEAL.  There is a and relax as it unfolds. MWAH!!!  The cover to the Sew Beautiful magazine is to the right. The dresses are in her shop with a million other beautiful items.  Thanks Georgia handy for beautiful baby shot..xo


6 Responses to “Big Shout Out”

  1. Melissa P says:

    I am thrilled to see Judy get this recognition. She is so deserving!

  2. Sivje says:

    Yay!! Congrats to Judy! This is also my first issue and I am so excited! It is wonderful to see your name and creations in print. 🙂

  3. So blessed to have an incredible fabric designer cheering us on! Forty Toes Photography has never left our side as well as Georgia Handy Photography! We love what we do, we work everyday as many of you ladies out there do and we feel so very thankful to get such a pretty spot in such an amazing magazine!!!! Bunches of thanks!!

  4. katie says:

    congratulations, mom! beautiful dresses and beautiful pictures!!!

  5. I just love how encouraging and supportive you are! Judy and her daughter are both SO talented. Everything they do makes me happy! It is very exciting to see somebody living their dream, then getting the adoration and appreciation for their gift along the way!! I just LOVE all of you and the beauty you bring into my life!

  6. Georgia says:

    Jennifer you inspire so many! Judy & Jennifer from Forty Toes…WOW! Congratulations ladies!

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