Jenny Style!!!

Jenny is an amazing designer that puts wonderful fabrics together to create that resort appeal.  I think she was the one born on an island I’m just a poser!!!  Love you Jenny.  Take a look at this Rosetta bag that she made for her proud mama!!  This is the large size and I wanted you all to see the scale..Isn’t that fun and frilly??  The girls over at You can make this will have a tutorial going on next month to show you how it’s done.  Purchase your pattern here. Give a shout out to mama with her pretty bag ladies!!!

11 Responses to “Jenny Style!!!”

  1. dione says:

    Gorgeous!!!am jealous I want one!

  2. Lynn says:

    Snazzy Mama! That is one fabulous bag.

  3. Rachaeldaisy says:

    So fun , fabulous and frilly!!!

  4. Melissa P says:

    Jenny always makes sure the ones she loves are always supplied with fashionable Sis Boom. (You can see where Jenny gets her smile. Nothing fake about it.)

  5. Tanya H. says:

    In my house full of boys, I’d love to see a ruffly bag like this!

  6. jennifer fraunfelder says:

    It’s absolutely beautiful! I feel inspired to make one for myself

  7. So beautiful Jenny!! And we all see why we love you so much when we look at your happy and sweet mommy!!!

  8. Dianne Martinez says:

    This is cute and I love the pose!!! : )

  9. Forgot to say to Jenny’s momma, thanks for raising such an amazing lady!!

  10. casapinka says:

    I saw this on Pinterest and thought she looked so beautiful with her proud smile I just had to come and see where she got the bag. I’m a much better knitter than seamstress but I might just participate!

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