The Romance of Circa

Coming this May and I can tell by the facebook followers and likes that this is a moment you have all been waiting for.  Do you know how happy this makes me???  There is no one like you.  I mean it!!!  The Pretty Please votes will be reviewed next week so please keep them coming keep sharing and to tell you the truth I am feeling good about this !!  Say your prayers.  I love January!!  I am cleaning and organizing and designing to make 2013 the best yet!! Look at this beautiful graphic Madeline created!! Thanks sweet girl!

If this makes you happy then we will be lifetime friends!!!  Imagine your home with these fabrics by following the projects in Happy Home!  This book and Circa equals tons of Romance.  I’m in the mood for love!!

The Red Door

How is it that beautiful doors make great back drops for all of your beautiful handiwork?  Check this beauty out with her hair so sweetly done up and all this red and green for Holiday time.  In the south you may be able to wear as is, in the winter think turtleneck and long sleeves and what a great pairing for those photographic moments.  Be still my heart. Becky Collins at Granny B’s clothing has created such  special outfits.  We at Sis Boom love the sensibility of both of these combos!!  They rock Crazy Love!!

Custom Goodies

Jennifer Fraunfelder of Southern Babies on Etsy makes the cutest clothing!!!  She loves Sis Boom and sells a bounty of our fabrics on Etsy too.  I love this shot she posted of this cutie in her Sun suit.  So precious!  I just love all the stuff you create my friends and am always looking for the next new thing.  Jen we are so grateful to have you on our team cause you spread the love like no one’s business!!  Hope you and the girls are having a great summer!  Tell Jen what you need, she wants you to be happy!!

Happy Land Quilt!

Marsha Moore has been making quilts for Sis Boom since the dawn of time and she has done all of our master quilts for Free Spirit,  She is a rhythmic genius!!  As most of you know!  I adore her work and she is the best gal to work with.  I think you all will love creating the Happy Land quilt.  So stores that carry the Sis Boom brand you may want to stock up on fatquarter bundles!!  This is going to be a big hit. Are you with me?? I am over the moon excited.  So ask your retailer for Happy Land coming in October.  We are so glad you stopped in. xo Jennifer

Selling out!!

So glad you approve of Super Fly!!!  We have a photoshoot today of all glorious Super Fly and Crazy Love just because you all can’t get enough.  Wassup witdat????  Thank you from the very bottom.  You all thrill me!! Don’t worry the likelihood of reorder is so good. Bravo for Chunky Zebra and big 70’s orbs!!!  xoxoxo

Are you ready for Chunky Zebra?

That incredible duo is at it again.  Tim and Nancy Geaney.  Styling and photographing the best of Sis Boom.  So here we have their niece Mia in  The Girls World Talullah Halter in front of the Teepee Nancy painted!! It is glorioski like mama always says.  Think summer, think chunky Zebra!!!  We hope this makes you want to run out and purchase every color. Oh and guess what, I’m hearing some of the colors are already sold out so thanks my friends.  Way to tell us you love us!!!  Chunky Zebra found here.  Thank you Hawthorne Threads!  Thanks for the beautiful photos Tim.

Jenny Style!!!

Jenny is an amazing designer that puts wonderful fabrics together to create that resort appeal.  I think she was the one born on an island I’m just a poser!!!  Love you Jenny.  Take a look at this Rosetta bag that she made for her proud mama!!  This is the large size and I wanted you all to see the scale..Isn’t that fun and frilly??  The girls over at You can make this will have a tutorial going on next month to show you how it’s done.  Purchase your pattern here. Give a shout out to mama with her pretty bag ladies!!!