Time for me

so tomorrow i go and put the natural blond back in my hair,,my daughter asked if i was painting grey right into my hair..so stopping and going to try and relax and write while I wait for the peroxide to work it’s way to my roots.  I love to write so calming .  The big blue signs are up , the buzz is beginning to take hold and i am so excited to see you all..I so love your enthusiasm for the handmade.  If you see or know anyone from the New York Times I’ve been trying to get them to come for years.  Being in the New York Times is on my bucket list..

So the elves are putting in final touches ..see you soon.

3 Responses to “Time for me”

  1. So beautiful, it will be an incredible event!!!

  2. Carla says:

    See you bright and early on Friday!!!

  3. jenny fish says:

    I wanna come! Loving the Angels and village and the hearts!

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