Have you heard?! FIFTY OFF. yep.

SB holiday blast final

Holiday Goodness in the Making!

Glitter, pom poms, ric rac, and vintage baubles galore swarm Jennifer’s crafting studio these days. She runs up there with big ideas and most special trinkets, to later emerge with the most magical masterpieces that will soon adorn your homes!

Take a little peak…

Jennifer Paganelli Sis Boom Holiday Show copy

Holiday Show… Sooner Than You Think!

We’re just beginning to feel a chill in the air. Leaves are starting to turn. School buses and backpacks replace flip flops and beach umbrellas… What does this mean for us?! The Sis Boom HOLIDAY SHOW IS AROUND THE CORNER!

Ok, so maybe holidays are the last thing on your mind, but here at Sis Boom, Jennifer has already begun spinning gold in her craft room. Just wait ’til you see what she’s got up her sleeve this year! We’re getting ready, and oh-so-eager to share the holiday trinkets and wonders with you! You’ll have to wait a little bit… but what we will say is that the show is going to be nice and early this year.

For all of our far away friends, don’t you worry. You know we never forget you.

More details coming soon!


Loving you!!

All of you near and far who make this business way tooo fun.  So we open again today 12-5 and enjoy your visits. Yes bring your children because they mean the world to us!!  My mom made me this beautiful needlepoint that I will cherish forever!!  My favorite Christmas gift!!!

Just sharing with you highlights of the show..xoxox Suzy is the best!!

Thank you Enriched Stitch for beautifully framing our needlepoint!!


Doors will be open 9-5-5:30ish

Thursday Friday Saturday . Feel Free to bring friends!!  We are also raffling off 4 yards of Super Fly to those we love and haven’t met yet!!!  We are so sorry we can’t bring the handmade around the ware and tear is alarming. Did it for years and just lucky enough to be able to open the house!



It’s that time of year again! Sis Boom Holiday Sale in December!

Come and join us this December! Put it in your calendar. Friday December 13th, Saturday December 14th, and Sunday December 15th!!!

Among all things wonderful, including our lovely friend & folk artist, Barbara Strawser, there will be fabric, glitter galore, ornaments, all the handmade trinkets that you love, vignettes, jewelry, and MORE! We can’t wait to see you and spread the holiday cheer! For our friends who are far away and cannot make it, we will have something special for you too!

Time for me

so tomorrow i go and put the natural blond back in my hair,,my daughter asked if i was painting grey right into my hair..so stopping and going to try and relax and write while I wait for the peroxide to work it’s way to my roots.  I love to write so calming .  The big blue signs are up , the buzz is beginning to take hold and i am so excited to see you all..I so love your enthusiasm for the handmade.  If you see or know anyone from the New York Times I’ve been trying to get them to come for years.  Being in the New York Times is on my bucket list..

So the elves are putting in final touches ..see you soon.

Sweeter than Sweet

oh my gosh how i love to play in my studio..it completes me!  Decorating the place in hopes that everyone gets in the Holiday mood..Things we make here at Sis Boom.

A Quick Hello & Something Fun!!

Hi everyone!!! It’s Madeline here! Just wanted to say a quick hello while I had a moment to hop over to the computer… it’s been sooo busy all day and so wonderful to see all of our Sis Boom Friends! We love you guys!

FYI Jennifer’s ornaments, pillows, jewelry, and, well… pretty much everything else have all been a major hit and you better hurry up before everything flies outta here! I’m telling you!

As for our lovely, wonderful amazing out of town friends, we could never forget you… and we really miss you today…. which is why I’m hosting a raffle right here right now!!! What’s the oh-so-fun & oh-so-awesome prize? It’s an adorable collection of trinkets including a pair of Poodle Boxer shorts in Tanya, a Queen Street Fat Quarter pack, and two ornaments made with tons of love by the Jennifer that we all love so much!!  Comment on this post to enter the raffle! xoxoxox

Jennifer is super busy running around with glitter all over her face, sharing the joys of everything new and exciting here at Sis Boom (Queen Street is a major hit today!!!) and she sends mucho love to all! Raffle winner will be announced on Saturday!!!

Please leave the ball outside Georgey!! not on the white Sofa!!!