Taking flight!!

Do you know Harveys on First?? Well in Delray Beach there is a shop called Harveys on First owned by the Snappy Turtle They do beach better than anyone!!!  Take a look around the site. So my girlfriend Judy Buchanan creates beautiful childrens clothing for them and is having a bang up year creating her own designs as well as designs from Girls World to sell in their shop !!!  Her business is called Hickity Pickity and she fills Harveys on First with the most beautiful of childrens clothing. Judy and I met here when she was working with Sis Boom fabrics and posting her creations in flickr.  I was like whoa Nelly!!!  Once again in this recession folks are finding away to create businesses like Judy’s and enjoying the fruits!  She is one amazing woman and everyone loves chatting her up on facebook. She started Sewing in fifth grade and used the remnants from her Uncles drapery workroom to create her school clothes which is a story we can all relate too, which you just have to love. I think it’s the Beach Vibe that we love about each other.  Having lived in Melbourne and having her home on the river, unites us in a special way,  it’s the water that completes us.  Thanks Judy for all the beauty you continue to bring to this world , we are forever grateful!

4 Responses to “Taking flight!!”

  1. You are so so sweet!!! Thank you for all the inspiration!!

  2. Melissa P says:

    I get happy every time I see new pictures from Judy. So much joy shining through everything she does. Keep up the great work, Judy!

  3. Monique says:

    Such sweetness~ I get to have a ‘baby fix’ when ever I see Judy’s creations!!

  4. Jenny Fish says:

    Oh and audible “OOOOOO” came from me when the post loaded up. So ADORABLE! That Judy is AMAZING! I love love love her work! And I think her photo shoots with forty toes are so inspiring.
    I have purchased some of her pieces and they so so well made and did I say cute yet? Super high quality and can endure my active girl. That’s says a lot!

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