Jenny Eliza for Joann Fabric and Craft Stores

Jenny Eliza the collection from Jennifer Paganelli that debut for Joann Fabric and Craft Stores last year has another launch this coming January 2015. Like the first it has the same amazing quality and a visual balance of sweet harmonies!!! We love this line here at headquarters for all things Jennifer Paganelli and know that you will too. Kate Buchanan has also reopened the Australian shipping depot that she does so well under https: The Fabulous JP’s Jenny Eliza overseas shipping group of Happy Seamstresses.  They are on facebook and ready to take your orders. The fabric arrives to Joann Fabric and Craft stores in January.

We are so blessed with all the lovely ladies who help get Jenny Eliza across the ocean to folks that would never be able to purchase these fabrics. So take a look and see these beauties and decide if you can’t live with out them.  I personally hope you will want them all. Great blenders in this series!!


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Sis Boom Baby Room

Oh hello sweet little baby that would LOVE this Sis Boom Baby room. I know you’re somewhere out there!


Inspired by this adorable (virtual) baby quilt– with B for Baby, of course– this room is based on a portion of the Beauty Queen palette which brings pale yellows, powdery blues, punchy pinks and great greens together harmoniously.

Does it get sweeter than that little Jenny Lind crib? How about the adorable gnome lamp… and the plush is to die for! Feeling extra creative? Make your own plush Georgie from Girl’s World!  … Now all this room needs is a darling little babe.

  1. Gnome Lamp $59
  2. Sis Boom Carly Bubble Romper PDF Pattern $10
  3. White Rocker $150
  4. Plush Stuffed Owl $15
  5. Virtual Beauty Queen Baby Quilt with poms $10 / yd. Ships in May 2014
  6. Jenny Lind Crib $190
  7. Sis Boom Erin embroidered Polka Dot Pillow $100

Then there were 4.

My sister Meghan has the most beautiful extended family through divorce and remarriage.  Meghan became a Grandma to little Autumn and gained two beautiful daughters.  Elizabeth and Genevieve.  Sophie her biological daughter  you all know for her modeling for Sis Boom.  I am so blessed to be an aunt of these way beautiful kiddos.  Here they are in their Atlanta Home and I love how Sis Boom organically lives there .  Color can sit comfortably anywhere.  I know sometimes it frightens us, color doesn’t have to be a dirty word and if you have landed here chances are you are very comfortable with color. I feel like the spokesperson for color and I feel sometimes a need to apologize for their vibrancy but it is where I live and I have to honor that.  I hope that Sis Boom ignites a passion or fills you up with happiness I know it does me.  Try to let go  and try to embrace that inner color geek! So look here at these beautiful photos and say hey to the Atlanta gang.  We love our girls!!



Goings on!!!!!

Thought I’d drop in and give you a little bit of what’s going on around cybertown.  Art and Soul boutique sent me the sweetest eblast and I recognized our fabrics right away.  That Carla dot named for the very special Scientific seamstress is one of my all time faves!!! And of course Tanya named for my favorite fabric designer Tanya Whelan!! of Grand Revival Design!! Incidentally her book ‘Sew What you Love’ is on Amazon!!!! Anyway Art and Soul has brought us the tiniest clothes the world has ever seen so go check her out!!! so in love with their work!!

And then there’s Allegro Fabrics who do an incredible job creating patterns , have just added some Crazy Love to their stock..They are good folks to know!!!

A baby quilt

How dear is this..Victoria is giving it to a new little one.  You all know Victoria Findley from Bumble Beans. A wonderful collection of Sis Boom this and that..

Taking flight!!

Do you know Harveys on First?? Well in Delray Beach there is a shop called Harveys on First owned by the Snappy Turtle They do beach better than anyone!!!  Take a look around the site. So my girlfriend Judy Buchanan creates beautiful childrens clothing for them and is having a bang up year creating her own designs as well as designs from Girls World to sell in their shop !!!  Her business is called Hickity Pickity and she fills Harveys on First with the most beautiful of childrens clothing. Judy and I met here when she was working with Sis Boom fabrics and posting her creations in flickr.  I was like whoa Nelly!!!  Once again in this recession folks are finding away to create businesses like Judy’s and enjoying the fruits!  She is one amazing woman and everyone loves chatting her up on facebook. She started Sewing in fifth grade and used the remnants from her Uncles drapery workroom to create her school clothes which is a story we can all relate too, which you just have to love. I think it’s the Beach Vibe that we love about each other.  Having lived in Melbourne and having her home on the river, unites us in a special way,  it’s the water that completes us.  Thanks Judy for all the beauty you continue to bring to this world , we are forever grateful!

Baby it’s cold outside!

So Maddie and I are sitting here giggling through a WordPress tutorial and we decided to use this baby shot to express how we are feeling.  It’s 6 oclock and pitch black out the kind of night that you sew up something pretty or take a snooze  after a long day at the office.  We are just writing to say we hope you have a warm and cozy night  however you decide to spend it.  Sweet dreams.  Oh and if this is your baby we think it’s so adorable .  Let us know!!!