100 Billion Stars makes sis BOOm bats!!

That’s right.. we’re getting ready for Halloween and it’s not even October yet! We’re usually so busy thinking about our Halloween costumes that we never actually make time for Halloween arts and crafts!

Melissa P of 100 Billion Stars got an early start this year… These bats are so fun and the kids will love them! Check out her FREE tutorial on 100 Billion Stars!

3 Responses to “100 Billion Stars makes sis BOOm bats!!”

  1. Rachaeldaisy says:

    Those bats are so much fun! I wouldn’t want to put them away after Halloween, Id want to see them all year round!

  2. Jenny Fish says:

    Melissa is always turning great new ideas over in her mind. I just love these bats! She said they have butterflies too!

  3. Jennifer Fraunfelder says:

    LOve! Gotta make some of these.

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