Circa has arrived!

Now that most of you have Circa in your hands, our favorite thing to do is watch you work your magic. Diamonds, hexies, fussy cutting, little dresses… watching Circa come to life is a dream! Our dear friend, Melissa P over at 100 Billion Stars, made this wondrous quilt. Soft, sweet, playful and charming.

We love what Melissa says about Circa,

“The collection brings a fresh wave of nostalgia for simpler times and days gone by; but for hard core Sis Boom fans, the collection looks back on some of Jennifer’s first fabric collections…. From initial reactions, Circa promises to be just as timeless and popular….”

For more information on Melissa’s design and to find out where she purchased her Circa, click here



Give those scraps a home

Ever wonder what to do with all of your tiny fabric scraps?! We love Mod Podge and scrap garlands (get inspired!).. but we love this the MOST…

Melissa P of 100 Billion Stars has taken some scraps that sat idle in a baggy and gave them a new way to shine and be useful! It reminds us of a beautiful Sis Boom rainbow! What’s better than that?!

Peep Melissa’s Bits and Pieces blog post for the full scoop!





Remember those Sis Boom Bats that our friend Melissa P constructed?! We posted the tutorial in September… and now it’s time to remind you again! Have a few minutes tonight and want to make something crafty with the kids?! Make some bats!

See the full post here

100 Billion Stars makes sis BOOm bats!!

That’s right.. we’re getting ready for Halloween and it’s not even October yet! We’re usually so busy thinking about our Halloween costumes that we never actually make time for Halloween arts and crafts!

Melissa P of 100 Billion Stars got an early start this year… These bats are so fun and the kids will love them! Check out her FREE tutorial on 100 Billion Stars!

Hoot Hoot… It’s a Sis Boom Owl!

Ok. Melissa P. Stop being SO COOL!!! We can’t take it any more! Check out these adorable, cushy owls that Melissa made as a free PDF pattern for Free Spirit Fabrics! Ahh! We died and went to little owl heaven! Click on image below to download PDF pattern!

Read about the Owl on Melissa’s Blog, 100 Billion Stars, and click HERE (or on image above) for the free PDF download!

We might not have time to make our own owl this week, but we think this would be an awesome combo.. JUS SAYIN…

Why Didn’t We Think of That? …A Honey Child Closet Accessory!

It’s often our dear friend, Melissa P, of 100 Billion Stars, that comes up with an ingenious project that just makes you say, “Why didn’t I think of that?!”

Well, folks, she’s done it again! So while you’re all anxiously awaiting to find out whether you won the West Indies raffle (you have some time), try Melissa P’s tutorial out for mod podge hangers!! We promise you’ll have a blast!!

Imagine giving them as a gift to a new Mommy? Hanging them in your toddler’s closet… maybe even your closet?? How about hanging a mod podged pants hanger on the wall, clipped onto a photo? Just throwing some ideas out there!!…

Jenny from the Girls World Block

Here she is, she teaches Girls World Classes She hoards Sis Boom Fabric and keeps it in a locked box (not really) the kind of girl you totally get!!  She dresses She and her daughter from head to toe in Sis Boom. All the while she is happy happy happy.

The Sewing machine sings when the kids are at camp and now runs a sewing camp herself. We love our Jenny and so will you. Melissa P from 100billionstars who also makes darling items and is infamous for her Girls World Pin Cushion works closely with FreeSpirit and recieves  a small advance of fabric and she inturn cut up her parcel and sent to Jenny.  It doesn’t get any better. Make sure to visit her ETSY . The spirit of sharing which defines us at Sis Boom is alive and well and lives on in the wonderful customers of Sis Boom.  Paying it forward is commonplace .

One thing I will also add is that the special people who keep coming back for more Sis Boom are such a grateful bunch.  We all know gratitude is the bottom line because with out that we’d be miserable lot.  Thanks for the gratitude of  your vital spirits which help us thrive.  Oh and have fun with the suitcases be patient, try putting glue on the suitcase and pressing firmly down. The choice to go back over with mod podge is yours! just be gentle with yourself! oh how many things I attempted and never finished cause I had no patience..

So take a look at West Indies up close and personal..

Melissa P Shrinks the Gigi Ruffled Pillow…

and we likey mucho!!!!… Leave it to Melissa P of 100 Billion stars to shrinky-dink the Gigi Ruffled Pillow from Girl’s World! Genius! She uses it as a pin cushion… but it could also double as a little mouse pillow.

How sweet is this?! Check out Melissa P’s full size Gigi Ruffle pillow and read the wonderful Girl’s World review. Boy, that pillow makes us wanna take a nice, cozy nap! Have you noticed that Jennifer likes to name everything with a different variation of George?!… Hmm.. I wonder why… 🙂

A fabulous Egg Tutorial from Melissa P!

Melissa of 100 Billion Stars came up with these beautiful Easter Egg project and we just love em’.. and even better?! She has an awesome tutorial up for all of you to enjoy!! So cool! We just love the darling little egg shape, the button detail, jagged edges and of course, the fabric 🙂 . Have fun, everyone and thanks, Melissa!! Click HERE or on the images below for the tutorial!

Kindle Case in Honey Child!

Who has a Kindle? They’re really amazing… and imagine how much cuter yours would be with a sweet little Sis Boom carrying case?! Right?!

Check out this fabulous tutorial on Free Spirit’s Blog by our lovely friend Melissa P of 100 Billion Stars! You’ll fall in love!