Port Winsor Tunics!

Looking for a clean, sophisticated, versatile tunic with great structure, beautiful lines and… made from (blush) fabric that is near and dear to our hearts?? Well, look no further- Port Winsor is here!

This lovely duo, Katie Gordon and Lindsay Jeanloz,Β  have designed a couple of stunning tunics that are fabulously elegant! They feature our Honey Child Mikaela and Dana, and they are sharp, sharp, sharp!

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  1. Marie says:

    I saw you over at Stash. I LOVE the bright cheerful colors! Thanks for the inspiration from the islands. The fabrics are beautiful!

  2. Patty D says:

    Just read your post over at Se We quilt. beautiful fabrics.

  3. Jackie says:

    Love them both!

  4. Gene Black says:

    Hi, Madam Samm sent me over here to say Hello. Those tunics remind me of the dashiki shirts I made in the ’70s.

  5. Wonderful post over at Madame Samm’s this morning! Thank you so much for being a part of the campaign!

  6. HI ! I’m here from Stash Manicure ! LOVE your stuff ; The colors are so so fabulous . I’m following you now ( I copied your blog address into my add box on my dashboard!) .

  7. Renea says:

    Cute website and really cute ideas!

  8. Sandy N. says:

    Love those tunics!

  9. Belinda says:

    I love visitng your blog and seeing all the eye candy and beautiful colors!

    The Port Winsor Tunics are fabulous – I love how they can be quite casual or very elegant and dressy – your fabrics are perfect for them!

  10. patricia says:

    Long time fan, new follower courtesy of Madame Samm. The book looks super!

  11. Sarah says:

    I love this shirt. I saw your site on Stash Manicure. I will be back to see more of your site soon. Thanks. slp

  12. Annmarie says:

    Wow – you design wonderful clothng. I’ll be following you on Facebook.

  13. Theresa N says:

    I love Tunics and hope they never go out of style.

  14. Jacque says:

    I just dropped by after reading your post at Stash! Love, love the pictures, and can’t wait to see more of your designs and fabrics. The book looks lovely – maybe soon I will have a granddaughter to decorate the guest room for!

  15. Brita says:

    I loooove those yummy colors, so happy!

  16. MarthaB says:

    I saw your post at http://www.sewwequilt.com. I am a follower of your blog through google reader.

  17. Dara G says:

    these are great! I’m here from Stash Manicure. πŸ™‚ I love ll your patterns and color choices.

  18. dee says:

    Loved your Stash visit:) Your line is so fresh – is that your daughter in the pictures? Have a wonderful day!

  19. Linda H. says:

    Hey there SisBoom Jennifer! You have a beautiful blog. I’m just sorry I can show you how much I like it by becoming a follower. However, thanks very much for sponsoring the Sew WE Quilt giveaway. Long-time quilters like me really appreciate it. Thanks!

  20. Gigi V says:

    TO DIE FOR!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. dawn says:

    Love the fabrics, Jennifer. I think they would look lovely in a quilt. I hopped over from Sew We Quilt/Stash Manicure. Thanks!

  22. Debbie says:

    I like those tunics, Jennifer! Thanks for joining Madame Samm for the quilter’s giveaway!

  23. Beautiful fabrics! Wonderful Post on Sew We Quilt! Thanks for sharing!

  24. Judith Hogan says:

    Lovely patterns. Also love the fabric. Especially the pinks.

  25. kathy says:

    Cute tunics!

  26. Nan says:

    Loved your post on Stash Manicure – and I loved seeing all of those beautiful colors and fabrics! Now I know where to find them…and you! Thanks! xo, Nan

  27. Jennifer,
    Enjoyed your post at Sew WE Quilt. What amazing fabrics! I think my favorites are the Tea Cakes BlueEyes and Rose Hips so vibrant and alive. Your book “Girls World” looks wonderful. I look forward to ordering it. Thank you for sharing with us today!

  28. Gill says:

    I love this pattern

  29. Thank you so much for this lovely post about Port Winsor, Jennifer! Your fabrics look terrific and everyone keeps telling us how happy they feel wearing our tunics because of the bold colors and patterns! Thanks again for your support!

  30. I saw you on Stash Manicure. Love your fabrics! What great colors and patterns!

  31. Kelly says:

    Absolutely love your colorful fabrics!!

  32. SewLindaAnn says:

    I’ll “Like” you on Facebook since there isn’t a Follower link for GFC. Fabulous site and ideas. I am already a follower of your fabrics!

  33. Jan / chicken mommy says:

    Saw you over at Sew WE Quilt and love your fabrics. Such beautiful and vibrant colors. I raise sheep from the St Croix Islands ans would love to visit there sometime.

  34. Debra says:

    Stash manicure sent me but i have beeen here many times before!

  35. Sheila says:

    Great post at Stash Manicure ! These tunics remind me of tunics I made for myself in the early 70’s , love them!

  36. Fabraholic says:

    Beautiful fabrics! I’d love to work with them.

  37. Gale says:

    Hi Jennifer! Saw you at Stash Manicure and love your story especially since I already own some of your beautiful fabric!

    Happy Stitching!!!

  38. Sarah Watts says:

    Sew WE quilt sent me over. Thanks for sharing your beautiful creations!

  39. Kris P says:

    Love all the great fresh colors. Popped over from Stash Manicure. My daughters love girly fabrics and crafts, so I’ll be sure to check out the Girls book, too.

  40. Rachaeldaisy says:

    What a wonderful interview over at Madam Samms!! And such fun, fabulous tunics!!

  41. KellyS says:

    Loved your post at Stash Manicure today! I have been lusting over your Girl’s World book for a while, but since my baby isn’t here yet, I still have some time to buy it! πŸ™‚

  42. Just came over from Stash Manicure. Love the fabrics and the idea of your book. Have to get the young ones quilting!! Thanks.

  43. miriam cloutier says:

    Love your work and signed up for your newsletter

  44. girlsmama says:

    I love your fabric and designs! I have four girls who will be getting some wardrobe updates!

  45. beeps says:

    I came over from Stash Manicure – what a great guest post! Thanks for being part of this project πŸ™‚

  46. Sheryl says:

    Jennifer, I saw your post at Stash Manicure and must get your new book. I have 5 granddaughters under the age of 12 so how can I pass it up?! So glad to be introduced to your fabrics, too!

  47. Annabella says:

    Coming over to you from Stash – great tunics and wonderful colors!

  48. Lori says:

    I love these tunics!! They are super cute!

  49. Irina says:

    I love these patterns!

  50. Pat says:

    Jennifer … I am sew happy you guest blogged for the Wantobe Quilters campaign … cause now I have found you and … <3 I love your fabrics!!! <3 … gotta go get me some to fondle … πŸ™‚ Pat

  51. Pat says:

    PS … since you do not have a follow button, I just added you to my Blog List of daily reads … πŸ™‚ Pat

  52. Ariane says:

    I just love these tunics. They are gorgeous!! Thanks for the wonderful post at Sew We Quilt. Hugs Ariane

  53. elle says:

    What lovely fresh colours. Luv it! I’ve got you in my google reader. I am going to look closer into your book.

  54. Karen L. says:

    I really love your palette… came here from Stash Manicure, and while I have ofter gravitated to your fabric, I’d never seen your blog before… so nice to do so… hopefully you’ll have a follow button soon…

  55. Marsha B says:

    Your photos at Stash Manicure were fantastic, so beautiful!

  56. Linda K says:

    I’ve just come from Stash Manicure and I’ll be following your blog on my Reader. The bright colors just SING!!!

  57. Ktquilts says:

    Saw you over at Stash, but I have loved you fabrics for along time. About had a conniption this past weekend when I found two Mod Girls prints on a trip out of town!!!

  58. Brenda says:

    Thanks for sharing your post at Stash manicure

  59. I am following you through Google Reader… from Stash Manicure.

  60. WandaFish says:

    Great post over at Madame Samm’s, thank you! I’ll be popping in regularly now I know you have a blog πŸ™‚ I love your fabrics and your book is on my wish list!

  61. daisy says:

    Hi there – I’m here from Madame Samm for the quilter’s giveaway! Love your colours and love the roses – gorgeous

  62. Nancy B says:

    I will follow you when your button is up. Your fabrics are so beautiful. Just the colors I fancy! I saw you at Stash Manicure…thanks for participating in the campaign.

  63. Kendra says:

    I’ve just added you to my Google Reader πŸ™‚ I’m so glad to have found you via Madame Samm, especially since I have so many of your fabrics in my stash already!

  64. Deb R says:

    Loved your post on Madame Samms, I just love the colours you use in your designs..stunning πŸ™‚

  65. I’m here from Sew WE Quilt! and I’m following you πŸ™‚

  66. Gail B says:

    I loved your post on Stash Manicure! The material is soooo beautiful I love them all!I will definitely need to come back for some! Book marked your page so I can find you easily πŸ™‚

  67. Betsy Wells-Gephart says:

    These colors are gorgeous! I’d like one of those shift dresses out of one of those island prints!

  68. pve says:

    I happen to be the proud owner of both of the above Port Winsor Tunics and I love them.
    I also have illustrated a few works of art for Port Winsor to my delight.
    Wondering if you might be interested in helping me select an outdoor fabric for my porch
    along with a give-away on pve design,

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