DIY Wedding

Imagine the beauty of a handmade wedding!!  We thing Girls World has the ability to inspire beautiful dresses for the flower girl!!!  We feel so blessed that the wedding world has found that this book with it’s sweet enduring silhouettes can find it’s way into traditional as well as a modern wedding.  Look at these images of my niece Sophie with the prettiest Josie dress that has gotten hugely popular from Girls World.(Chronicle has free shipping on orders over $25.00) but throw in a ruffle and a a contrasting waist band and take a look.  Charming for sure.

This dress can be done in so many types of fabric , even white looks super special for an all white wedding.

4 Responses to “DIY Wedding”

  1. ruth says:

    a beautiful dress and I love the stool too.

  2. Jenny Fish says:

    She is such a beautiful young lady. The dress is gorgeous! I love the ruffle on the bottom.

  3. Rachaeldaisy says:

    A Sis Boom wedding would be the best!! The colours you use are the colours of celebration and happiness!! The Josie dress is so beautiful and I love the ruffle too!! I still think about the oh so very beautiful broach bouquet you made and featured on your blog earlier in the year. That would top off a Sis Boom wedding day perfectly.

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