Love this summery vibe!!!!

Check out this amazing photo from a wedding that Miss Katt’s Kustom House designed.  I love a visionary!! Miss Katt’s Kustom House is brought to us via Australia and as we know that group never disappointing!! I tell you I love waking up to your photos and sweet comments!  We are blessed to be in an amazing industry with amazing talent!  Sis Boom is bustling with exciting news and exciting projects so stay tuned. In the meantime reach out to Miss Katt’s Kustom House and have something pretty made just for you!!!

keep sharing your love for Sis Boom, it means the world to us.



We are pumped!

It’s taken awhile to get here but we are so uber excited by the latest Pattern release.  Carla Crim of Scientific Seamstress has done it again.  We know you have waited awhile and we do apologize for the delay but it is extremely important to Carla that the larger women get the same fit as the smaller women…No one left behind and believe me it shows.  Every detail, every size, every tester matters to us!! This was not easy to fit all “the Girls” and quite a bit went into the cup sizes to give that unequivocal Sis Boom fit.  Carla may have wanted to pull her hair out at times but she developed a seamless pattern with the ease that you have come to know.  We say quilter Friendly for a reason!  If you can sew a straight seam chances are that you can follow these clear cut instructions.  Carla I bow before you with so much envy for what you do and the population that are sworn scientific seamstress followers.  Carla is the one to beat always outdoing her personal best.  Tell you something else..she loves a challenge and the determination to complete this pattern was only matched by her enthusiasm to conquer her fears!!  She is for us the Holy Grail of Pattern makers.  A personal note..Carla together each with our own skill set are going to set this world on fire!!!! I love and respect you so much!


Take a look at these masterpieces!!!  Testers you all rock!!!  I mean it, I may forget your name but I won’t forget your service to a great SB pattern!!  We really appreciate you. Your feedback means everything!!!




You all are the best!!!!!

I am so glad you like the clutches and I’ve got more on the way so please be patient!!!!!!  They hit a nerve with all of you and can I tell you? I have always wanted to do clutches, I think the way our fabric prints that they were made for this purpose toooo!!! I am so over the moon about bringing these to you!!!!!  I know so many of you are not on facebook and I don’t want anyone to miss out on the wonderful projects we work on!!!  So please tell us what you think of our $35.00 plus shipping little 6″ clutches we are dieing to here.  We love when you come by!!!

Please stay tuned for more news when they come in. xoxoxoxoxo


Jennifertunes aclutch

DIY Wedding

Imagine the beauty of a handmade wedding!!  We thing Girls World has the ability to inspire beautiful dresses for the flower girl!!!  We feel so blessed that the wedding world has found that this book with it’s sweet enduring silhouettes can find it’s way into traditional as well as a modern wedding.  Look at these images of my niece Sophie with the prettiest Josie dress that has gotten hugely popular from Girls World.(Chronicle has free shipping on orders over $25.00) but throw in a ruffle and a a contrasting waist band and take a look.  Charming for sure.

This dress can be done in so many types of fabric , even white looks super special for an all white wedding.

The Belle & The Beau.. um, Hello! SO COOL!

We were so lucky to meet lovely Amy at Quilt Market, where she excitedly told us about her fabulous site, The Belle and the Beau. We couldn’t check it out fast enough when she described the ways she used our beloved Queen Street for the Queen Street Tie Collection. Amy— You’re awesome!

What a wonderful concept, what stunning products, and what an honor to be represented! You’ve all gotta check it out– Amy’s got something for everyone and for every occasion!

Kate Middleton– Get a Hold of This!…

Hey Kate! We have an idea!… How about a Sis Boom Bouquet? Whaddya say? Encrusted with vintage charms, flowers, brooches, and more, this beauty will be sure to make a statement!!!

Jennifer started designing these charm laden show-stoppers wayyyyy back and they’ve remained a staple Sis Boom piece! Peep Jennifer’s bouquet in the June 2002 Country Living!

We wish the Royal couple-to-be a very happy forever!

See more Sis Boom bouquet photos over on our Flickr page!