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I apologies for the lateness of the blogpost especially when I have so much love and respect for this girl…I have been sidelined, by our annual show, Assistant on Maternity leave and overall catch up of running a company but throw in husband away, a nor’easter, leaky roof, and two needy pups and I am so not the burgeoning career girl I’d like to be.  Well Trish I have one thing going for me…It’s still the 10th!!  I wish you much deserved kudos and am thrilled for your success!! Be well!! love, me.

Trish trishp

Because I Love You Sew

I remember receiving the amazing news in person, from the acquisitions editor at C+T Publishing, that a book proposal I had submitted almost a year previous, had been accepted. I was so excited I thought I would burst. I mean literally, burst!

One of the very first people I saw that same day, who gave me a big bear hug and whispered “I knew you could do it!” was a sweet friend who had mentored me, had been a listening ear, had been supportive and encouraging in so many ways. That was Jennifer. I am so incredibly thankful for friends like her.

Rarely do I work on sewing projects that don’t incorporate some piece or part of Sis Boom fabrics. My love of vintage and eclectic bright colors are what have always drawn me to be a huge fan of Jennifer’s artwork. It was only natural that I would want her beautiful fabrics to be a part of this book.

You will find hints of Jennifer and Sis Boom all throughout this little book of mine. Her gorgeous fabrics make me happy and they inspire my sewing.

This book, Because I Love You Sew, is all about sharing your love for others through hand making gifts. It’s also about telling the story of the why and how of the process so that everything from the first stitch to the finished product and the use of the item, all become one seamless story of your life’s journey. Marking a place in time.

I hope you will find a way to make some of these projects a part of your story for friends and family. It’s a wonderful way to tell them how much you love them sew.

C+T has been so generous to offer a giveaway of a book to one of Jennifer’s readers. To enter, simply leave a comment telling us about a favorite handmade gift you have made or received.


Jenny Fish can not be stopped!! She is full on Good Company and doing beautiful things with it.  We are particularly loving this dress pattern from  Melissa Stremal for Lilac Lane.  We are in love with look!! Her new pattern is TDF!!!  As soon as I have a link to purchase I will let you know. I believe it’s in testing..xoxoxo Jenny the trim, the look , your daughter..talking precious!! Great work Melissa Ann…we love you!!


back treat melissa-dress

Jenny Eliza for Joann Fabric and Craft Stores

Jenny Eliza the collection from Jennifer Paganelli that debut for Joann Fabric and Craft Stores last year has another launch this coming January 2015. Like the first it has the same amazing quality and a visual balance of sweet harmonies!!! We love this line here at headquarters for all things Jennifer Paganelli and know that you will too. Kate Buchanan has also reopened the Australian shipping depot that she does so well under https: The Fabulous JP’s Jenny Eliza overseas shipping group of Happy Seamstresses.  They are on facebook and ready to take your orders. The fabric arrives to Joann Fabric and Craft stores in January.

We are so blessed with all the lovely ladies who help get Jenny Eliza across the ocean to folks that would never be able to purchase these fabrics. So take a look and see these beauties and decide if you can’t live with out them.  I personally hope you will want them all. Great blenders in this series!!


scroll greencube bluecorn ladies lines pinkish bluedot pinkdot greenpink

soft beauty brand




Good Company takes my breath away!  What a vision.  The greens , the blues, the yellows, the pinks all jump at you with the happiest of greetings. They want to be layered, and patchworked and loved to death.  Keep our secret safe..quilting cottons, the affordable way to look chic!!rich

Luxe Interior

How do you like that?  Fabrics misbehaving..acting like very expensive fabric and giving the same intense rich feel at $10.00……Good thing quilting cottons are a secret.  Seriously..why pay more!!!! I’ll take $80.00 over $800.00 any day!!! Christy Bennett with her ruffles and frills and her etsy shop filled with all things Drapery is the best friend a girl could have cause she gets it!!  She does rooms professionally and I’m sure she’d do them virtually!! Talk to her!  Get that Modern Romantic  feel the way only Christy can!! Love you girl!!luluxury