We Sell Stuff!!!

clutch gorgeous!!110 pillows blurry peasant joann8

A bunch of what we sell are one off’s meaning handmade one of a kind things.  We are always busy mailing items out but the only folks that really know about this is our FB friends because we list as we go and those folks love this stuff so we said hey what about the blog followers!!!  I know with filters and drop down menus and captcha it can be a drag to leave a comment so I wanted to let you know if you would like any of these items connect with me through the site would love to chat give you a price etc..these things are currently on sale and we thought you might be interested. Just use the contact us button..So take a look great prices and many pretties!!! Holla. The sizes vary so please inquire.  Feel the need to discuss my email Jennifer@sisboom.com. Tunics do not go on sale. They are $75.00 size 6/8polka10 britboxes

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