A Perfect World – Sis Boom in Australia

Dear Australia. Thank you for all that you do.

Today we are taking a special moment to share our LOVE and APPRECIATION for dear friends and supporters in Australia. These friends support Sis Boom wholeheartedly, and consistently provide us with mesmerizing eye candy that we are able to enjoy from afar! We’re so happy that the land of Oz loves what we do!!

We recently requested that fabric shops in Australia provide us with their links, so that all of you Aussies have the opportunity to snag up some Circa!

Sis Boom is so blessed to have worldwide support. We love each and every one of you so very much!



Fabricoholic for Oz Handmaidens

Tiger Pickles

Little Cherubs Craft

Funky Fabric Shop

Sew This and That

Tea Tree Fabrics

Fantazia Fabricland

Jiddi’s Patch

Miss G’s Fabric

Fabric Love Australia

Fabric Pixie

4 Responses to “A Perfect World – Sis Boom in Australia”

  1. I have recently stumbled upon on the beautiful work by the ladies in Australia! Just amazing!

  2. Emily Clarke says:

    Thanks so much for sharing us.
    Emily from Tea tree Fabrics xoxo

  3. Amanda Wilson says:

    Welcome Welcome Welcome
    To the land of Down under…and Please stay forever !!!
    So adore your Gorguss fabrics !!! Colors and Designs !!!
    Jennifer Paganelli and Sis boom Fabrics !!!

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