The kids are back in school!!

Jenny’s sewing machine is whirring and life as we know it has returned.  I love summers but I also love a routine and when the kids are in school we do get sort of , a routine.  So check out what jenny has been up to.  First she has created a beautiful Marissa with the wonderful shrug to go over it.  The hat is by Dolin O’shea for Carla Crim’s Book Sewn Hats!!  This is a masterpiece and FYI this little one just had her 7th birthday, I think I met her when she was just 3. Jenny is so lucky to have a daughter who still will wear a dress!!!  Please go to Jenny’s blog and read all about Sew Pretty Dresses cause that’s what she does!!! We loves you Miss Jenny! Fabric found here.  Thank you Hancock’s of Paducah.  The shoes , ask Jenny!!


6 Responses to “The kids are back in school!!”

  1. love this so much!!

  2. love this so much!!

  3. love this so much!!

  4. amazing and precious!!!

  5. Monique says:

    Gorgeous, and those shoes, hat and shrug are so very PERFECT!!

  6. Jenny Fish says:

    Thank YOOOOOUU!!! You are such a blessing to us Jennifer! She didn’t take it off all day Sunday and I think she plans to wear it this weekend. Again. And then the next and the next…. Jennifer I am so thankful for your fabrics and patterns because she feels her age, not babyish, in it all and it’s so beautiful and girly! You have given us such a wonderful gift!
    YES the machine is whirring away!

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