Caravelle Arcade

Caravelle Arcade was an open pavilion of shops in St. Croix and as a young girl I was window dresser to many!!  Probably making a dollar an hour I sweat inside glass cases to drape and perfect my visual talents little did I know it was prepping me for the big time store Bonwit Teller!! This island this special island in the Caribbean Sea was home to my family for many years.  I think you can tell through the years of my work I have never left my past behind me it lives on through my textiles!!! Homage to St. Croix where the gifts keep on giving. Ships in May!! 2015.bp2










A Pretty Valentine

She’s gorgeous.  Found her on facebook !! Georgia  Handy one of our favorite photographers took her photo and just happened to be a dress by Becky of Granny B’s Clothesline!!  Becky you all ready know we are crazy about you and tickled that this beautiful photo showed up!!  She certainly is a pretty Valentine.  So sugary sweet!!! We love you sweet one. Fabric is Natasha from Crazy Love..Perfect for your Valentine..


Super Fly (my Fave)

Look what Jen St. Jean   of Itty Bitty Bag on Etsy did with her Super Fly stash…and it’s for sale in her Etsy shop.  We love what you do Jen!!!!




This is my lovely niece Claire!  Here she is in her stunning  Crazy Love Cecilia in pink!! Found here.  A big thanks to Treasure Bay fabrics.

This is the Lonnie Dress and I hope Carla can squeeze it in this year.  The fit is amazing.  Cheers to all of you as we get back to work for reals in the New Year.

I’m ready to think big!!

Also think of this fabric for stuffed Valentine hearts..Gloriouski!!  One of my mom’s expressions

Keep voting on Sis Boom facebook for Pretty Please!!



The kids are back in school!!

Jenny’s sewing machine is whirring and life as we know it has returned.  I love summers but I also love a routine and when the kids are in school we do get sort of , a routine.  So check out what jenny has been up to.  First she has created a beautiful Marissa with the wonderful shrug to go over it.  The hat is by Dolin O’shea for Carla Crim’s Book Sewn Hats!!  This is a masterpiece and FYI this little one just had her 7th birthday, I think I met her when she was just 3. Jenny is so lucky to have a daughter who still will wear a dress!!!  Please go to Jenny’s blog and read all about Sew Pretty Dresses cause that’s what she does!!! We loves you Miss Jenny! Fabric found here.  Thank you Hancock’s of Paducah.  The shoes , ask Jenny!!


Leighanna with Pom Poms!!

Pom Poms are the bomb!!!!!!  We couldn’t resist designing a simple dress whose adornment is the beauty and spark of the pom pom!!!!  Like most folks I see a pom pom and I want to own whatever it is with those precious baubles. Judy captured the heart of the pom pom when she paired it with this wonderful fresh geometric Poodle Marnie in Fuchscia!!!!! Fashionable Fabrics has it in stock!!  The orange pom poms set it off so nicely!!  and oh so Palm Beach!!  Judy Buchanan does it so well that even the babies are happy with this selection!!!  It helps to have Georgia at Georgia Handy photography. Happy New Year to the tribe at Hickity Pickity for the New Years eve slam dunk!!! So download the pattern today..