Linda H from Flourishing Palms.. You won!!

Give it up for Linda H!!!!!!  You won the fatquarter raffle!!!!  We are so excited for you.  That was a fun raffle and you will have a ton of fun with that.

Before I let you go there are just a few things to mention here.  Found on twitter wonderful bags made with Girls World Vibe for a colorful rainbow birthday party!!!!  right from the pages of Girls World this tote is just amazingly easy!!  Angela Bowman , She goes by the name Angela B. on her blog is fun loving and gets google +..go figure, I was on there all of ten minutes and got so very perplexed and she was so kind to try and teach me how it works.  When she came over to twitter I was so excited because it’s a language I understand!!  Angela love getting to know you!!  Next up is a dear friend Jacqueline Maxman who is a very special cheerleading kind of gal that I have gotten to know from since my early twitter days.  She is such a lovebug and she floats through all the chaos of her life with such amazing grace!! Read her fabulous blog and check out what she’s done with Crazy Love!! I love these napkins!!!! Be inspired.  Georgia Pape Handy has a wonderful new Christmas Card!!!  The clothing designs by Hickity Pickity inspired a under the sea type of inspiration and all I can add to this beautiful photo is Dreamy!!!  Oh how could I forget Alana Kelly and Yumminess Textiles bringing you the ruffle bottoms!!!

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  1. Jenny Fish says:

    That top picture really inspires me! So lovely. Just a FEW MORE DAYS!!! I cannot wait to meet you!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Love all the creative goodness!

  3. LOVE LOVE Colorful LOVE!

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