The Beauty of Stella

This little girl is breathtaking.  Her mom is Jennifer  from Forty Toes Photography with over 19,000 followers this little girl has become an overnight sensation. Her Luminous skin and curly locks have made her a fashion icon in the sewing world.  Jennifer is so talented at the styling, the creative forces are at work in all of her photography.  We are so lucky to know her and be touched by her amazing spirit.  Thanks for all you do for these dress collections.  Folks just marvel at their beauty.  I love how you capture the moment.  Crazy Love Fabric available here.  In Australia here.

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  1. Melissa P says:

    She is such a doll! And her mom is so talented. Together they get the Sis Boom message across–happiness, love and harmony.

  2. True beauty yes true kindness of the heart truly, a blessing to so many Jennifer and Stella breathe life into our dreams!

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