Happy Land for Girls World

For Fall.  Go to the library and take out Girls World and Happy Home!  Mix it up a bit and just get those creative juices flowing. So get out that Girls World book and make some more George the puppy  for gifts.  Happy Home is a continuance of all lovely ideas and inspiration.  Just so you are aware Carla Crim will have all the clothing in Happy Home completed by the end of the year to build your PDF pattern library.  Right now she is working on the wonderful Vanessa and the terrific Betty Ann for kids and wait till you see the cutie pie pockets she designed for this dress. It’s shaping up to be the best summer ever. I hope you are having fun with Superfly !!  We are in heaven over here as one by one they emerge from the seamstress.  So get your Girls World and Happy Home take them to the beach and think of all the wonderful things you’ll create in the fall.  For now just enjoy.  Thanks always for posting on Facebook and your tremendous views and likes on Amazon. We are so delighted by all of you.  Our facebook community is growing rapidly and each one of you means the world to us.  Next week we’ll have another raffle so stay posted.


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  1. Jenny Fish says:

    LOVING SUPER FLY! Darling Vanessa! Cannot wait girl!

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