Happy Home Photo Challenge PRIZES GET EVEN BETTER!!

So this Happy Home Photo Challenge is going so well, with submissions pouring in left and right! What did we decide to do as a thanks to all of you talented, wonderful participants?

We’ve UPPED the prizes!

Yes, you read it right! Originally, the ultimate prize included Sis Boom note cards, A Sis boom Flexi Journal signed copy of Happy Home, a signed copy of Girl’s World, a surprise stack of Sis Boom fabric and $100 worth of Chronicle design & decorating books… Ok, well, we said we were going to make it better.. and here we go. watch us…

We’re turning that $100 worth of books into $150

AND we’re adding 5 Sis Boom PDF patterns of your choice to top it all off!!!!

Get Excited! Add your photos to our pile, we’re loving this! Tweet them at us using #HappyHome or email them to us here. This current challenge is to submit a photo of your favorite use of color.. that means anything! It doesn’t have to be Sis Boom OR from Happy Home. Just send us your favorite use of color! It’s that simple. OH, and HAVE FUN!

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  1. Dawn Lynn says:

    aghhhh! that is so cool!

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