Sis Boom Girl Olivia!!

Let’s put our hands together for this stunning little Sis Boom girl! Olivia has been a Sis Boom friend since she was itty bitty & we just love her to bits. This photo is an outtake from Girl’s World! Talk about carefree. Also 48 yards of this fabric for  under $5.00 , this one is extremely rare so what are you waiting for?? Ebay!! Thanks to all of you a reorder for Girls World is in da house..That’s big!!!!  The warehouse has run’s golden I tell ya ,but not without all of you.

6 Responses to “Sis Boom Girl Olivia!!”

  1. Love this precious little girl!!! Sis Boom is more than gorgeous fabrics, its who we are!!xoxo

  2. Jenny Fish says:

    What a sweet little girl. She is so happy in her dress! I would love keeping the clothes too!

  3. jennifer fraunfelder says:

    Awe. so cute. Love her little bio…plays soccer, dislikes playing soccer. too cute. Love her beautiful blonde hair. And yep, we all adore SIs Boom fabrics. such a cutie pie.
    And we all love beautiful twirly dresses.

  4. Marnie Peck says:

    This is one of my favorite fabrics!! I just went to buy it up and it is actually $4.88 for a fat quarter, so for one yard it is over $19/yard. So not a great deal. BUTTT don’t get me wrong, as far as I am concerned, your fabric is priceless!! Just thought you would like to know, as you have to read the fine print in this listing. Thanks for all the inspiration!! Marnie

  5. Rachaeldaisy says:

    What a beautiful photo, a moment of happiness captured. Olivia is such a little sweetie, I’m sure she’ll be beautiful Sis Boom dresses for years to come!

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