Are You a Sis Boom Girl?!

Debra sure is! We had the pleasure of working with Debra a few weekends ago. Just wait ’til you see the rest of her photos. What a special Sis Boom friend… Read Debra’s complete interview below her photo. Don’t you just wanna be her friend?!

Things I like:

1) Sis Boom. Ok, I’m not being a suck-up here. Sis Boom embodies so many wonderful things that if I could list it any higher I would. To me Sis Boom is a girly, beautiful and dreamy world spun out of fabric and crafts that stirs up buried memories of tea parties, sleep overs, glitter, summer dresses and mommy beautiful. Jennifer Paganelli, you are truly an inspiration.

2) My family. Yes they are my anchor and my buddies. We’ve got 1 year old Lucy and 3 year old Carly. Both cuties who sport Sis Boom in a delectable and most fashionable way. There are also my older teenage-ish kiddies Ethan and Hannah who are fun, smart and refreshing. And then there is my hubby who supports all my whims. Yup, no top 5 could be created without them.

3) To picnic on a clean blanket on a freshly mowed field during summertime dusk with the foreseeable surroundings lit with fire flies….and that’s it. No tics, ants, bees, rodents, flies, spiders, or bears. Ok, cats and poodles can join in but that’s it.

4) Sugar. I even get all jittery playing Candy Land with Carly. There are many reasons why I want to and should hide this fact (as you will find out later), but I can’t.  There really is nothing better than jelly beans at easter and those chocolate golden coins hiding in the toe of a Christmas stocking.

5) My fabulous and best-est friend who lives right next door. To the many lives we’ve probably shared!

Things I don’t like:

1) Sugar. Yes, well, it’s a love hate relationship.

2) Mean people

3) I-95

4) Snowless winters

5) In Time. Justin, what were you thinking. This movie was just plain bad.

What I do
I am a nutritionist….hence why I should keep my sugar love top secret. Well, I guess I’d rather air my skeletons than have you run into me buying a light and sweet coffee at Dunkin Donuts. Ok, I did just shed that habit. But…to be honest, I do believe that optimal personal health can be achieved through filling your body with mother nature’s goodness along with the occasional treat. Occasional being the key word here…

My favorite things
One of my most favorite things is obtaining fresh produce from a local farmers stand. I love supporting my local farmers and eating the most nutrient rich foods I can find.

What I love about Sis Boom
That Jennifer Paganelli was able to turn her dream and vision into reality.

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