A few more ideas!!

Look at this wonderful girly pillow!!!  The instructions are in Girls World, the book on your wish list for the Holidays!! ( read a review) Just do a pillow or sachet with a bit of felt instead of the overnight bag and look how sweet. same for the ornament i grouped four images together on a June Tailor computer fabric sheet and look how fun with a little flower and sequin..you know you want to make one.  last but not least a page from an old school book glued onto cardboard glittered and attached with a sweet sentiment. of course a felt flower will take it to the next level.  So get your  craft on..xoxxo

4 Responses to “A few more ideas!!”

  1. Jamie Harned says:

    They are adorable!!!!

  2. Melissa P says:

    Holiday happiness from Sis Boom. Great stuff.

  3. Linda LP says:

    Computer fabric sheets – thanks for getting the ideas rolling for me !

  4. Lori Porten says:

    Love the ornament ideas! So cute!

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