Keep Journaling

Years ago I learned a wonderful way to keep inspiration alive and creativity flourishing.  I read Julia Cameron's book "The Artists Way "  and it had a huge impact on me. There is even a site devoted to working it!! It's about slaying imaginary dragons that hold us back from achieving our dreams..not really but that's what I got from it.  It helped me to move past my negative demons and to go about art in a new way by turning down the volume of self-criticism.  I've discovered those voices can be loud for most women but if we exercise our spiritual right to be here then somehow the noise in our head dims.  I love what Marianne Williamson said in one of her books that noone has a corner on anything.  It was the first time I gave myself permission to pursue a career that already had extreme amounts of talent and not be intimidated.  What could I possibly contribute?  That's the voice that can kill us off in a whisper.  So today armed with beautiful affirmations and the love of our family and friends lets make beautiful things together that rock this world out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…I believe in you!


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