The Tipping Point

Great book but an even better quilt.  The Tipping point Quilting kit by Roxanne of Quilters Alley in Ridgefield, CT. is available in her shop!!!! This is such an imaginative way to use Pretty Please. We will also have it available at our June show!!!  So give it a try and let us see the finished product!!!  Thanks for sending this in Roxanne we so appreciate it!!! It is so incredible!!!!  We love you guys!!
Tipping Point --Pretty Please

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  1. erika says:

    One of the hardest things about a quilt (for me)is getting started; Trying to figure out my design and the fabric selection. This is a great example of how simplicity can be so beautiful.

  2. What a beautiful quilt….so colorful!
    xo Lidy

  3. Karin says:

    Now that is a beautiful quilt. 🙂 Boy, do I love those colors.

  4. What a pretty quilt – and gorgeous fabrics!

  5. Terriaw says:

    I love this quilt! The way the fabrics are laid out in the center, the patchwork border and the quilting – all fabulous!

  6. Bobbie Lynn says:

    That is a really neat quilt and there are time I just do not want to use one or two fabrics from the line but the whole line.
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  7. sheri howard says:

    That is a brilliant way to use Pretty Please!! So darling!

  8. Amazing! The detailed stitching is stunning!

  9. This quilt is spectacular!!

  10. the quilt it is great! I am hoping to see if I can get to your show this time.. well see, unless my life gets crazy.

  11. Hi Jennifer…I know this has nothing to do w/ your post…Have yo ever thought of making wallpaper!!! I would love it!!!
    smiles, Joy~

  12. Stepherz says:

    So pretty!
    And ditto what the Vintage Rabbit said! I want some wallpaper!

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