Shout out to Good Peeps

I have some folks I'd like you to meet.  First up is Linda Edson from Allegro Fabrics she is an online seller for Sis Boom Fabrics and extremely talented in the children's clothing line department!!!  Definitely swing by her beautiful site I believe she even is getting some Pretty Please in.  Please check out these adorable designs from her Lily and Ebony collection! Breathtaking.Thanks for sending them Linda.10

Next up is a devoted friend and fellow blogger the very talented Ellen Crimi-Trent who is debuting her new fabric line very soon and just opened an etsy shop with her incredible drawings of which I am fortunate to have a sweet owl, for the wise woman in me!!  I love the new shop!  Take a lookie I can't help but feel like I did as a child reading Dr. Seuss…."Are you my Mother" Is the first thing that comes to mind……..Brilliant Ellen, thanks for the whimsy!

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  1. Jen says:

    I looked at the Pretty Please line yesterday in Jona’s shop. MY GOSH!!! It’s so PRETTY! I can’t wait to order some. But I love it all so much, I can’t choose! 🙂
    I love those outfits cute & fun! I added her link!

  2. What beautiful creations!

  3. thanks Jennifer for the shout out!! Only you are the queen of fabric!!

  4. It’s great to support your fellow artists so that was nice of you to post about Ellen’s Etsy shop. One of these days I will get my up as well.
    see you on Twitter!

  5. You have good peeps~~~

  6. That dress is gorgeous, and I love the birds…so cute!I really need to get to making something with my flower power fabric so that I can justify buying some of that gorgeous pretty please fabric!

  7. Bobbie Lynn says:

    Simply adorable!

  8. So precious – I love the birds. I just had to order the print with the three birds!
    Thanks for sharing!

  9. I LOVE Are You My Mother?! Especially the Snort!

  10. That outfit is adorable!!
    I love when I see ebay boutiquers around blogland. That’s my old stomping ground.
    (I actually did a launch with you there… Can’t remember which line it was though!)

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