Name calling 101

Ok so I meet Scott Hansen from Blue Nickel Studios and we begin this wonderful correspondence
he even sent me a blue Nickle once which I never even knew existed :)  I say to myself inside myself this is one good guy and he has such a great warm spirit.   So I mosey on over and see that he's got real talent and he's eager to get his name and talents out there.  So the other day he shouts from his computer hey ya big fabric putter outer how bout an interview and that's when I fell in love…I knew this was a guy that we could have fun with and he'll make Pittsburgh Quilt Lifestyle market a memorable one!  So I guess I need to explain three lines in five months.  Well I got this big idea last February to design a few lines and sit back for a couple of years and before I knew it they were charging out of Freespirit like one continuous line.  I am not complaining Joyce!!
(She's the Commercial Director  for Westminster Fabric Division a heap of fun and smart as a whip!
Great at what she does.)  I am excited about all the fabrics coming on the market ..I couldn't have dreamed a better outcome.  So Scott interviewed me with great thoughtful questions some that even tickle. I want to thank him loudly for being such a good friend. Please check out his flickr badge for some amazing original quilts.  and say hi to his wonderful wife Linda  of Miss Mabel's Studio who will be holding the fort down so he can come and visit us in Pittsburgh. Oh and don't forget he has a fun raffle so make sure to leave a comment….Let the fun begin!


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