Counting Backwards !!

See now I'm 49 today.  Birthdays are the best!  and I share mine with my twin brother Jim!!!  I can say Two is better than one!!!  So here's where you gush !!  My mom special lady that she is had a total of 6 kids and believe it or not 2 sets of twins in that sum!!! CutekidsJenandjimkidLastpage
  My twin sisters are on the 11th of January so that's four birthdays in 5 days right after Christmas!! Also remember this is all without the advantages of fertility so it was like winning the lottery…I think anyway!!!  So there you go an interesting fact about Jennifer Byrne Paganelli that you could probably have lived without!!  Give a shout out to mom cause she would love all the attention!

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  1. Karla says:

    Happy happy birthday!

  2. Judy says:

    Happy Birthday! You’re just a year older than me and I’m hoping when the big 50 hits that my 50’s will be just as amazing as my 40’s

  3. Bobbie Lynn says:

    Happy Birthday to you and your brother. The photos are great and I like your photo shop technique that you did on them.

  4. Marsha says:

    Oh, Jennifer, Happy Birthday! I should have remembered this date from last year. Here’s a note to Mom: I know you’re proud because you gave birth to a very beautiful daughter (inside and out)!
    Many Happy Returns!

  5. Terriaw says:

    Yay, Happy Birthday, Jennifer! I just love birthdays! It’s your one day to feel more special than ever. I can’t believe you have TWO sets of twins in your sibling family! Have a wonderful wonderful day!

  6. Dawn says:

    As a mom of twins, I say that any woman who raised two sets of multiples in the midst of six deserves sainthood!
    Happy Birthday!!!!
    Enjoy this last year of forty-something.

  7. sheri howard says:

    WOW, WOW, WOW, YOUR Mom should be “Sainted.” I am glad you are 49, I am too! I don’t feel bad, I worked really hard to get to be this old..except the wrinkles are starting to bother me! I AGREE 100% about the PINK. I LOVE PINK! Check out my blog and the post, All things Red and Pink! I hope it makes you smile!
    Happy Birthday!

  8. sheri howard says:

    It would be good if I left you my blog address! Sheri 🙂

  9. Elaine says:

    Happy Birthday Jennifer! I love you pictures ~ you were quite the adorable little one.

  10. Jeanne says:

    Happy Birthday!!! You guys are the cutest!!!

  11. Andrea says:

    Happy Birthday Sweetie!!! Hope you have a great day, I love the baby photo, so cute!

  12. maigirlz says:

    Happy Birthday sweet Jennifer! Love, Maija

  13. Suzy Spence says:

    Happy Birthday missy! xo, suzy

  14. pam says:

    Yahhoooo! Happy Birthday and Hey to your cutie mom !!!xo

  15. jennifer,
    happy birthday!!! and as for the shout out to mom…”ya done good!!!”

  16. mo says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! A nice day for an even nicer woman! You were such a darling baby! I have a friend who is a twin who also has a twin set of older siblings but you really don’t hear of that too often. Must be extra lucky!

  17. Happy Birthday Jennifer! That is certainly an interesting family make-up!

  18. Simone says:

    Happy Birthday Jennifer! I hope you have a wonderful pink filled 49th! Big hugs!

  19. Happy Birthday!

  20. Carla says:

    Happy Birthday to Jennifer and Jim!!! Great job there, Mom!

  21. Happy Birthday! You’re only five months older than me 🙂 Only the coolest people were born in 1960!~~~XXOO, Beth
    (Elizabeth Holcombe)

  22. amy says:

    Happy Happy Birthday!! Wow, your mom must be one special lady!
    Blessings to you and may this be the best year yet!

  23. Dede Warren says:

    Happy Birthday to all of you!!! Thanks for sharing the sweet baby pics, love those!!

  24. Jona says:

    Happy Birthday Jennifer (and Jim)!! Your mom is a regular fertility goddess (or at least she was back then!)! I hope you had a great day!

  25. taylor says:

    I see you can leave the happy Birthday Banner up in January. That is an incredible amount of birthday cake for one month. How lucky to marry a January man. Hope your day was special.


  27. Aimee' says:

    Ohhh!! Happy Birthday to the both of you! And to Jennifer’s Mom: I am sure there were some tough times but I am thinking that there were many more good times and lots of blessings!! You must be so proud of your children!! Oh and I am feeling your pain with so many birthdays after Christmas!! LOL

  28. Happy Birthday! It sounds like you all must have had a fabulous time growing up! Hope this is another amazing year for you!

  29. shawn says:

    Happy Birthday Jennifer! Enjoy every moment. How wonderful to share your day with your brother….and your mom, what a saint!!!!!

  30. lilyhaven says:

    Happy Birthday! You baby pics are adorable! I hope you had a fantastic birthday.

  31. staci says:

    How sweet. I love childhood photos. I only wish my own mother took some of me. Oh well.
    Happy birthday to you AND your twin Jim.
    I honestly think twins are fascinating. I wish I could have had them but I guess it wasn’t in the genes.

  32. Happy (belated) Birthday Jennifer, to you and your brother! That is amazing that your mother had two sets of twins and with birthdays only 5 days apart!! Wow! And, I know firsthand how great it is to come from a large family. 🙂 I hope your day was special.
    ~ Jennifer

  33. Stepherz says:

    Happy Birthday, Gorgeous!

  34. Happy Birthday! and, god bless your mom. I’m dragging following my two around…
    Those are great pictures and I hope you have another fabulous year!

  35. Firefly Hill says:

    Happy Birthday Jennifer! And to your brother and sisters too!
    I know your mama must be one amazing lady!

  36. beth says:

    happy happy birthday sweet jennifer !! heres to a wonderful year !!!!!!! hope your having a wonderful new year too !!

  37. Wow! Happy Birthday! Hope it was smashing!

  38. Nanette says:

    Jennifer these pics are so darling. Happy Birthday. How fun. Your mom is a very blessed woman to have lived through 2 sets of twins! I had 1 set and it was difficulty enough. Not to say YOU and your brother were difficult but the process is somewhat difficult. I’d never change a thing though. Of course.

  39. Patrice says:

    OH Miss Jennifer * I missed it~! Hope your birthday was super happy *just think you’ll be in the 50 CLUB * I got there this year. . . . . yeah, 58 and 59, those were good years, huh????? xoxoxoxo P

  40. oh my goodness Jennifer, Happy Belated Birthday!!! Wow I cannot believe there are 2 sets of twins in your family, amazing!! No wonder why you are soo special. I hope you had a great birthday!

  41. kathy says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! How cool to have a twin. and two sets at that! wow!
    Is your twin the bro. responsible for the name “sis boom?”

  42. Yup that’s the one and only brother that named me Sis Boom!!!

  43. Tammy Gilley says:

    Happy birthday, sweet friend. Been missing you. xoxo

  44. Lisa says:

    Happy Birthday Jennifer! — a few days late. You are one amazing woman and it’s no wonder that you came from an amazing woman!
    I met you in Portland at market and you spent so much time with my sister and I encouraging and inspiring us to use our creative talents. You shared so much and we are so grateful, I’m sorry I haven’t written sooner to thank you. Really, thank you so much! –I’ll send you the photo we took sometime to jog your memory 🙂 . You’re the best! XO Lisa

  45. I loved these pictures so much. Thank you for sharing and HAPPY Birthday! I grew up with twin brothers. So I can relate with the run anc chaos! 🙂 Have a blessed week.

  46. Kim says:

    Happy Happy belated birthday! I never tire looking at that photo of you and your brother where you wrote in “BOSS” “Not the boss of me”

  47. Tanya Whelan says:

    Too cool to have all that twinning going on in your family and HUGE Happy Birthday to you and your brother!!!!
    I knew your mom was amazing but the fact that she coped with all those babies coming at the same time, well, my proverbial hat is off to her!!!

  48. Carolyn says:

    Wow! What a fun family situation. Best wishes and happy belated special day to you!

  49. Paula says:

    I’m late, I’m late for a very important date! Happy Belated birthday to you!!
    My dog is a regular vacuum. Tim thinks something is wrong with him..not enough fiber in his diet? So I just had to show him your dog and the glitter in his poop story.
    Will I see you in Pittsburgh?

  50. so good to hear from you..big fan!!! Yes I’ll be there look forward to seeing you. xoxo Jennifer

  51. Wow! Two sets of twins! And in JANUARY! Bless your moms heart! My mom had twins in the 50’s and didn’t know she was carrying twins! Not until delivery! She had a two yr old at home and then got two more for the price of one (as she used to say!) Happy Belated Birthday!

  52. Christine says:

    Happy Birthday to one of my favorite ladies! I hope you and your twin brother had a great day! Much love!

  53. deb hodge says:

    Happy Late Birthday!!
    How beautiful are you?!!!!!
    XOXO Deb

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