Contest!!!!!!!Drawing December 31st 2008

We have a contest!!!!! You can win 5yards of fabric from the Bell Bottoms Collection!!!!!
Here’s the deal!!!! Using Georgette Bouquet and Kat Stripe make something wonderful and show us the goods!! Go to www.freespirit to see how beautifully these coordinate…They are meant to be used together!!!!!! Post your anything on our Sis Boom Sightings site on Flickr and at the end of this year we will pull a winner!!!!! This is your challange!!! Can be anything you’d like to make but must include these two fabric coordinates…!!! You’ll also be highlighted here on my blog and put on the blog roll…prime real estate if you ask me!!! So let’s go have some fun with these!!! Feel free to incorporate dots they work beautifully also!!!!Img_1213Jeniferjanuary

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  1. elizabeth says:

    OOOH, that’s tempting!! Love those fabrics!

  2. Annie says:

    Hi Jennifer,
    Oh, I feel for you taking your son to college! I am not looking forward to that day at all…I am glad you are feeling a little better though. I love your photos of Paris. You all look like you were having so much fun! I am enjoying making things with some of the Bell Bottoms…I just love it! I hope you have a great Labor Day weekend!

  3. How fun is that! You rock lady!!!

  4. just catching up…cool contest, and your son off to college! wow, so sympathetic to your bittersweet send-off. Parents weekend is just ahead though- you’ll be so proud again! Hoping to get together for coffee some day, in the city or somewhere in between. xoC

  5. What a fun idea! Well I got one of the fabrics in this blanket 😉
    I’ll have to go through the stash and see what else I can come up with!

  6. Great challenge! My mind is already starting to work on this one.

  7. Stepherz says:

    Oh, Girl. I’m all over this assignment.

  8. Stepherz says:

    Oh, Girl. I’m all over this assignment.

  9. Stepherz says:

    Didn’t I say I was going to quit pushing the back button? Absent mindedness– it’s a curse.

  10. thank you , thank you, thank you!! for my fabulous gift!! I posted about it today, how do you make those?? would love a tutorial!!
    Again many thanks!!

  11. LuAnn Smith says:

    Hmmmm. I’ve been wanting to make a canopy for my daughter’s bed. No time like the present but I already had my sis boom already picked out. I’m just have to make it work…

  12. Marsha says:

    Dear Jennifer,
    I’m definitely entering this – I’ve put my thinking cap on and I already have an idea. I’m having a contest/giveaway at my blog too, and I’d love it if you would enter.

  13. I’m practicing!!! I just posted a pic of a chair slipcover I made with some of your fabrics. I love it.

  14. O.K., not to drive you nuts or anything, but I have yet another project made with some of your fabric! (And I won’t bother you with the Easter dresses I made three years ago for my girls, but just know they are there…)

  15. Oh I need to get busy. I am glad he is settled in well at college. 🙂

  16. brigette says:

    i’m soon to be nana of twin boys and i’m loving these fun fabrics. i have to figure out baby quilts to do with them!!! i’m working on 2 quilts for them right now and your fabric is next in line!!
    hope you’re adjusting w/o your son… i’m working on adjusting w/o my daughter, right now i’m still in the sitting on her bed and crying phase, i’ll move on to the baby photo albums soon enough!
    hope your week went well!

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