Design your own!!!

Wow Uber Technology collides with DIY. Check out these fabulous websites and see how these women are making a difference!! It’s the ultimate in custom Design!! With this sophisticated Design Software you can see your designs in real time. This saves on custom disappointments and guess work!! Voila in seconds a crib, a dress, bedding are even represented in scale!! How do they do it ! My first introduction was to Andrea Marron
even got an amazing write up on Daily Candy so not me I know first hand..I had the wonderful experience of meeting this lovely young entrepreneur a couple of weeks ago when she was in Ct. getting ready to make a permanent move….and I am so delighted. Make Studio 28 Couture your next stop and don’t forget the blog!!Picture3

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  1. My daughter is a fashion design student and was estatic to see all the new technology available. It is a wonderfully creative world.

  2. Lisa says:

    What a great idea and a useful looking program.

  3. cc says:

    totally amazing what technology does to a shopping experience – this is completely cool – very Jetson like. Love!

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