Something exciting in the air!!!!

A beautiful day here in Wilton. I just got back from Vegas!!! Just some family fun time but I had never been there so needless to say still in awe of all that it holds and the forbidden fruit juxtaposed with family fun!!! It’s crazy!!! The hotels are amazing and I’m telling you it’s one of the most amazing places I’ve ever been. Fantasy on steroids. Rollercoasters and Highrollers, Lions in the lobby, shopping and great restaurants. Magic Shows and Arcades for the kids. Our first hotel had about 30 pools!!! Can you imagine? We saw “Spamalot” and “The Cirque du Soleil “KA” and did I mention the Grand Canyon??? My son is off to College so we wanted to show him the world and believe me we found it in Las Vegas!! I’ve come back so inspired and feel ready to conquer the world!! Forget the slot machines I’m betting on Bell Bottoms!!! Looks like wonderful new friends are helping me launch this line in a very big way and I can’t thank them enough!!! Please get over to their blog to see what exciting ideas they will be showing all of you!! Please go take a look at Trendy Textiles and what they are about You can even sign up if you so choose. If you need info on signing up go to Trendy textiles guidelines check out the ETSY shops of all the participants and you will understand the quality and craftsmanship behind these incredibly talented women….Thanks for choosing me I am so very honored! Can’t wait for the big reveal! Watch for updates!Bblogo11

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  1. Maija Lepore says:

    I’m happy for you Jennifer!
    Great idea for your son- we’ll be sending ours off to college in August 2009- it so close!

  2. Maija Lepore says:

    I’m happy for you Jennifer!
    Great idea for your son- we’ll be sending ours off to college in August 2009- it so close!

  3. sounds like allot of fun in Vegas! I should be there next June for Licensing so I will have to wait for all that fun! Although I am not sure how much fun I can get in if I am working!
    Glad to hear Bell Bottoms is taking off!!!

  4. clarice says:

    Welcome home. I have never been to Las Vegas, I am not into the gambling thing and did not think I would like it. But you make it sound so interesting. xoxoxo Clarice

  5. Sounds like you had a great time!
    And I agree…Bell Bottoms is a big winner.
    Kimberly 🙂

  6. Caroline says:

    Vegas is amazing~but I wouldn’t want to live there!
    Glad you had a fun time with your family!

  7. Sal says:

    YES! Bell Bottoms arrived here on friday and Saturday. I listed them in my ebay shop…and on my website. And tomorrow I will blog them!! Gorgeous fabrics 😉

  8. Mary says:

    So glad you are joining us on the launch!

  9. Bobbie Lynn Duran says:

    Good to hear that you and your family had a nice time in Vegas. We all need to get away to rejuvenate. Wishing you the best on your new line, but I think the line speaks for itself. It is a beautiful line of wonderful design and colors.

  10. terri says:

    Congrats Jennifer it all sounds so wonderful, I’m thrilled for you.

  11. Jessi Nagy says:

    congrats!!! so fun!!

  12. M&Co says:

    Sounds like a really fun trip 🙂 I want to visit Grand Canyon one day. Seems spectacular 🙂 Congratulations on beeing spotted as the next great fabric designer!! But you know, that is all old news to your blog readers! 😉

  13. Congrats on being selected as a hot fabric designer!! Very sweet!! What fun your trip must have been; nothing better than family time! 🙂

  14. Sandy says:

    I agree..Vegas is like a giant amusement park for adults! Congrats on being noticed as the next best fabric designer!

  15. Jennifer, it sounds like you had a fabulous trip!! Thanks for your sweet comments on my vignettes. It’s always such a delight to hear from you.

  16. I have been to Vegas once and I had a blast! I didn’t start to win till it was time to get on the plane. Go Figure! lol I love your blog… Happy Spring!

  17. That sounds like such a fun trip! I can’t wait to see all of the Bell Bottoms creations.

  18. Jona says:

    Was that the Spamalot with Clay Aiken? I’d love to see that!
    My Bell Bottom fabric just arrived today and I’ll be busy loading it my store tomorrow. Then I’m going to play with it! I’m so in love with it all (but especially the orange)!

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