It’s Official !!!!

Nancy Geaney’ s now one of us!! She is uber model turned superdeduper!!! Love this gal! From Marzipan to quiltland she is working all sides of it and with such fluidity and grace please welcome her and tell her I sent you, it will mean the world to her! Look at the fun things she has created with Bell Bottoms….The bathing suit works too! We forget before the 1950’s lycra and spandex hadn’t come on the scene and cotton was common place. Not only is it good looking it’s reversible….!
It’s the simplicity of the halter dress with the iconic bird that makes it so original. She will dazzle you with all sorts of ideas! I have to rest after she leaves because it turns into a creative frenzy with one idea spinning off another! I thought I had a ton of energy…JenniferSunbathe

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