A Star Shines

Tammy Gilley is one to watch! She walks in the path of her very talented mother who left a legacy of amazing quilt designs! Well Tammy , a passionate girl by nature, has stepped out and is now creating her own designs
and as you can see her use of color and pattern are so lyrical and engaging……Tammy took a leap of faith when she started her business and we can all learn from her undeniable courage! Thanks Tammy for gracing the world with your talents..all my best, Jennifer
This quilt below Tammy calls Foursquare and was made with the new Sis Boom Bell Bottoms for Free SpiritFoursquare2

9 Responses to “A Star Shines”

  1. JJ (Aunt Spicy) says:

    Okay, that quilt is fabulous and your fabric looks great!!!! Thank goodness mid-march (I think that is when you said it would be available) is around the corner, I am not sure that I can wait too much longer to buy some! 😉

  2. That is an amazing quilt, created by a very talented hand. Your fabrics look amazing displayed in this quilt. I, too, am glad that mid-March is just around the corner.

  3. Tammy says:

    There would be no quilt without the beautiful fabrics, my sweet friend. Thanks so much for inspring me! xoxo

  4. Bari says:

    Tammy is the bomb! Love that lady!

  5. Interesting quilt design! Talented indeed!
    Love the blues and greens together and the pop of red is perfect.
    Kimberly 🙂

  6. Lisa says:

    Love the color combination and this great “Foursquare” pattern too.

  7. Alice says:

    I agree…great looking quilt with your great looking fabrics. Just stunning!

  8. M&Co says:

    I love the color combination here! Gorgeous!

  9. Hi I cannot seem to find any pics/info on the bell bottom collection – please advise,

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