People that make my day!

Bari of J.Bari gave me this wonderful award which I am totally grateful for but feel totally inept at awarding others because everyone in blogland has done so much for me! It may be a cowardly excuse to bow out of naming names but sometimes feelings get hurt and to minimize favoritism I just would like to say if you care to
scroll down my blog roll you’ll see the myriad of woman who impact my life on a daily basis and have helped me to pursue my dreams in so many ways and it is to them and for them I tip my hat and celebrate with each of them this humble award.Award_2

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  1. What!? you do deserve that award and more for being so inspiring with all your creativity, talent and bright and warm personality, and I’m always happy to see my little name in your blog list along with all those truly highly creative people like you, thanks for that Jenny!

  2. Hi Jennifer…hey..isn’t that the same award that Ellen Crimi-Trent gave you just the week before??…it looks like the same badge she posted on her web site when she name you one of the top 5 blog ladies who made her day!!
    wow, you certainly are popular to get the same award from 2 different people!!
    keep up the good inspiration!

  3. Tanya Whelan says:

    No one deserves that award more then you. You make my day on a regular basis!!

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