We made the book!!!

It is a very exciting day here today!!! Browsing through Country Livings New Book Merry and Bright I came across some of our old photo shoots for them…So great to see all the stuff we had made once again…The first three photos after the cover is Christmas Sis Boom Style and the bottom picture is from Jennifer Vreeland a uber stylist with Country Living who requested some product for her photo shoot and Voila she created the prettiest Christmas ever!!! Loved working with her choice of colors!!Google

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  1. Tanya Whelan says:

    OH MY GOSH!!!! I’m dying, that’s just so beautiful!!! Incredibly inspiring Jennifer. I hope you write a book someday filled with your inspriation! Love, Tanya

  2. Maija Lepore says:

    No surprise there! You work is fabulous!

  3. Mary says:

    How cool is that?!

  4. clarice says:

    Oh how exciting. Although they would have been dumb to have left you out. xoxoxox Clarice

  5. Jamie Walker says:

    You Rock, of course they were gonna use your photos!! Happy Thanksgiving Jennifer!!

  6. jerusalem says:

    Those are some of my Christmas fav’s of all time! I love it – congrats on making the book! Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. Alyssa says:

    Congrats. That last one is one of my favorites. Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. Heidi says:

    Oh my! That’s awesome! I’m going now to Amazon to order my copy!!!! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  9. Sandy says:

    Congrats & lucky you!! Looks like a great book : )
    Have a Happy Turkey Day.

  10. Julie G. Baxley says:

    Jennifer, would just love to walk into these photographs and open up all the goodies under that tree! What beautiful layouts. I will definitely be ordering this book; I love the holidays! Congratulations to you!

  11. Megan says:

    Just lovely Jennifer. How fun to see them there.
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Did you happen to get my email? 🙂

  12. Firefly Hill says:

    What great shots! Congrats on making the book and Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  13. psmullican says:

    That is TOO funny! I just got this book last weekend and my first time through, I noticed the first photo you mentioned and though to myself, “wow, that looks like Jennifer Paganelli’s stuff!” I actually recognized the window and french doors from the BH&G special interest issue you’re in this year. I love the Sis Boom look!

  14. jessi nagy says:

    i love all your stuff!!!
    you know that of course!
    happy turkey day!
    jessi nagy

  15. how beautiful! I especially love all the PINK presents under the xmas tree!
    Happy Turkey Day to you!
    With friendship,

  16. jen says:

    Well of course you made the book! Fabulous creator that you are! Thanks again for all the inspiration you provide, especially at this time of year when we want to handcraft special things for the holidays. Guess I really oughta get that book too,huh? Much happiness to you and yours on this day of giving thanks.

  17. Congrats!!! Those pictures are beautiful. I love that tree with all the stuff below. Wondeful!!! Have a happy Thanksgiving day.

  18. Cre8Tiva says:

    congrats…the images are wonderful…happy thanksgiving my friend, rebecca

  19. Tatania says:

    Congratulations on making it into the book.
    The photo’s look fantastic, and are very beautiful.

  20. M&Co says:

    This book looks stunning! I especially love the pink christmas tree….its way to cute!
    Congratulations on your work apparing in this book. Love your style!

  21. Sheree says:

    Congrats Jennifer. The photos are amazing. I agree with Tanya–a book from you would be amazing!!

  22. Bobbie Duran says:

    How cool is that. Congratulations! Has Sis Boom done a book?

  23. How exciting! You always do such a wonderful job and I LOVE LOVE LOVE your style! Gotta get the book!

  24. paige says:

    well of course you made the book girlfriend!!
    such a fabulous book & so fun to see many of my favorite images all together.
    we have some of those paperdoll ornaments up on our tree! wink!

  25. Cris Cunningham says:

    Oh! I have this book!!!! I’ll have to look again for your spreads. Congratulations Jennifer. How exciting!! xoxo

  26. colleen says:

    I bought this book weeks ago and haven’t had a chance to sit down and look thru it. It’s got to be fab-u-lous since you are in it!! Can’t wait to enjoy…
    Happy HOlidays!!

  27. Hi Jennifer,
    Love the paper doll ornaments, great idea…. so when can you come teach at Tinsel? We’d love to have you.

  28. Jen says:

    Isn’t it all just delicious? I’ve been drooling over this book for a couple of weeks and I love every inch of it. Your stuff tops my list of faves of course!

  29. COngratulations….absolutely beautiful!!!!

  30. Lisa says:

    Beautiful pages Jennifer. How fun is that to see your work in a wonderful book spread. The book looks delicious, I’ll have to look into getting it. Happy Holidays!

  31. Sarah says:

    Hi..i was at Silver Bella but unfortunately did not get any of your classes. Big disappointment…cause i love your fabrics and papers and all you bring us on your blog for inspiration. last night i watched your instructional clips on Country Living website—just wonderful! Here’s my vote for you to write a book showing all your ideas and creativity…have you started one???? 🙂 Hope so.

  32. Tandra Boyer says:

    Wonderful!! I just ordered the book, will be here this week!! Thanks!

  33. What beautiful photos, of your beautiful products! Congratulations, it looks simply divine!

  34. Tandra Boyer says:

    So Im back to comment again! THANKS for your comment at my place!! OMG Im thrilled! I was just browsing PresentPast blog and saw your pic and name and thought, that name sounds familiar……youre so sweet!
    Your blog is EYE CANDY! I cannot get enough of the tulle-y glittery vintagey goodness!

  35. While going through old CLs the other day I came across the article with the first tree pictured. Tore it out and thought…”Jennifer Paganelli. I know that name!”…and remembered that I had read you were at Silver Bella. Plus, the color combo and your use of all those ornaments just sets my heart on fire! Love it ALL!

  36. M&Co says:

    Btw. I saw your work in the Christmas ideas publication from BHG It was sooo beautiful!! And I love the wreath!!

  37. Alice says:

    This is my favorite book, I have it on my family room table and look through it every night. I never bore of the great delights it holds. I’m very impressed with your work. Just beautiful.

  38. Pamela says:

    Loving this book, and your charming photos in it! Congrats on the deserved inclusion.

  39. Ele Erickson says:

    All SO lovely. I’m in awe. Love your newsletter you sent also, it’s so cute! Hope you have a good show.

  40. karla nathan says:

    Your gift shop invitation was just cute as a button. I wish I did live closer and could drop in!

  41. oooh! how cool! congrats! I will have to look for the book!! xo Britt

  42. Mosaic Queen says:

    I must get this book!
    I wish I lived closer, so that I could come to your open house.
    Good Luck with everything!!!

  43. Polly says:

    Congratulations! I’ve been using your fabrics for a couple years now but I didn’t realize that you had a blog. Hopped over from Karla’s Cottage. I’m excited to get the opportunity to see more of your great creativity! Blessings… Polly

  44. so pretty Jennifer. Congrats on getting in the book 😉

  45. beautiful! you must be thrilled! I would love my designs in that book!!

  46. Sara Duckett says:

    Beautiful! I love those stockings. The fabrics are amazing!

  47. Monica says:

    Congratulations Jennifer! The pictures are gorgeous!

  48. Ana says:

    That is great!
    But not a surprise, because your work is absolutly amazing!

  49. Bobbie Duran says:

    It is a bummer that I can not go to your annual Sis Boom Holiday show, but I live on the other side of the U.S. but maybe some day I will visit your shop. From the photo’s it look amazing and your little elves are adorable too.

  50. dawn says:

    Absolutely fabulous…all of it!

  51. Oh my!! That clock tree really started something at my house!! I ended up buying truck loads of clocks and clock faces that year!!! I have fabulous finds in all of those!! I sold enough to my clients when I did their trees that year that it paid for my new addiction!!! I never put mine on the tree as planned, just use them all around!!! I even have some fab ornate bezels that came with some of them!!! You are an inspiration!!! To this day, I can tell you where that issue is!!! It was one of my very fav and the chair in that shoot was to die for!!!! Thanks for making life so beautiful for those of us who create!!!-Sandra

  52. Jennifer! This book is sooooo amazing-I’m so excited for you-because you’re amazing too!!! xo-Mel

  53. I have got this book for my mum as a Christmas gift and she loved it, I will have to look at it next time I’m there! This is really fantastic, that your beautiful creations are in that book! Love the treeskirt and all your gorgeous stockings! Happy new year sweet Jennifer! Best wishes from Germany sends you Carol xox

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