No Yolks

Okay I am covered in glitter,paint all over the floor.scraps in heaps, glue from glue gun trails me and I’ve never been happier but I must clean up as I go resolution number 488 of 2007….the eggs are from D.Blumchen and Companythey are cardboard to make and paint your own
and a whole host of good beginnings for the Spring festivities….Have a ball.Cimg0120

12 Responses to “No Yolks”

  1. ArtsyMama says:

    The eggs are gorgeous and that web site…wow…could spend all day there! Fantastic:)

  2. Alison says:

    Simply beautiful!!!

  3. Susan Tuttle says:

    Just gorgeous! I love your blog–such amazing creations–lovely eye candy!

  4. clarice says:

    So beautiful and inspiring !! Clarice

  5. deb says:

    Oh my.. simply gorgeous! Thanks for the website link – I’m in heaven! I’m always so glad when you can sign up for a newsletter because I have waaay too many links like this and I can never remember which site I loved so much. 🙂 Will you be having another one of your Sis Boom events? I remember reading about it a while back but didn’t know if it was an annual event. Just checking because I think you’re close enough to me that I may be able to attend. 🙂

  6. pam says:

    Ohhh I totally love these. Being a total copy cat I ordered some of those little forget-me-nots online and they haven’t come and you’re onto something else! I can’t keep up! (but I love seeing it all)

  7. Oh those colors! I love those eggs!! Beautiful!

  8. This has been one of my favorite online stores for quite awhile. They carry beautiful items. Thanks for the great post!
    Dianna Castner

  9. cari says:

    Okay, I love, LOVE, LOVE my Happy Box that I got in the mail!!!!!!
    What an amazing, gorgeous, beautiful, fabulous, display of vintage!!!! YUM!!!
    Thank you sooooo much!!!!

  10. Heather says:

    These are gorgeous!!! Your work is always so beautiful and inspiring!!

  11. Linda Harre says:

    These are wonderful and I immediately went to the website to look and see what they had to offer! WOW, real gems:) Thanks for the new site! Your eggs are adorable and I really love the pinecones……I must remember these for the next holiday season:) Thanks for sharing:) Linda

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